Carl Erik Rinsch Signs To Direct 'Logan's Run' Remake

As Ridley Scott's protege, Carl Erik Rinsch has made quite an impression in Hollywood over the past few months. He came close to directing the upcoming Alien prequel (before those duties were passed on to Scott himself), and more recently sparked a studio bidding war for a feature length version of his short film The Gift. Now Rinsch has signed on to direct another high profile sci-fi property: the long-gestating remake of Logan's Run.

Bryan Singer was famously attached to direct this remake back in 2004, but he left the project to direct Superman Returns. Since Singer's departure, Logan's Run has been in the hands of other directors - most notably V for Vendetta helmer James McTeigue and Tron Legacy rookie director Joseph Kosinski. Rinsch clearly has a gifted eye for science fiction, and Logan's Run seems like a project where he can truly show off his talents.

According to Heat Vision, it will still be a while before we see this adaptation on the big screen. Rinsch is attached to direct Keanu Reeves in a film called 47 Ronin for Universal, and is also tweaking the story for Small, his feature length version of The Gift. The time table is unclear regarding when the Logan's Run remake will actually go into production, and now that a director has been signed, Warner Bros. is also tasked with finding a writer to rewrite the script.

I recently watched Logan's Run for the first time, and while the special effects don't necessarily hold up very well, it's easy to see the impact the film has had on cinematic science fiction. Michael Bay's 2005 movie The Island is probably the most recent film clearly influenced by Logan's Run.

The 1976 futuristic film takes place in a society where everyone is unknowingly sacrificed when they turn thirty years old. Enforcers called Sandmen capture "runners," people who try to escape their sacrifice. When Logan discovers the truth, he becomes a runner himself.

Do you think Rinsch is the right guy to retell the Logan's Run story on the big screen?

Source: Heat Vision

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