What Captain Planet Would Probably Look Like in 2019

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Captain Planet, a superhero environmentalist from the animated series Captain Planet and the Planeteers is needed now more than ever, and one artist has offered a peek at what he might look like today. Captain Planet and the Planeteers originally ran from '90-'92 and was followed up by The New Adventures of Captain Planet. That series followed the same set of characters and ran for another three years. Both shows focused on Captain Planet and his Planeteers, all of whom had powers they used to save the world from environmental disasters. When the Planeteers' individual powers weren't enough, they called on Captain Planet, who possessed extra-strength versions of each of their powers.

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The two series were notable for not only educating viewers about environmental issues but also making tangible efforts to help the planet. The shows spawned the still active Captain Planet Foundation, which lets groups submit environmental projects with the hope of receiving money to see their project through. The shows are also known for their celebrity voice work; both Whoopi Goldberg and LeVar Burton played main characters. Many also played "Eco-Villains" on the shows, including Jeff Goldblum, Meg Ryan, and Martin Sheen.

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Artist Marcelo Ventura's updated Captain Planet looks a little rougher around the edges than he did in the animated series. His usual red and blue costume has rips and tears in it, while his trademark green mullet looks a little scruffy. He's also wearing a mask, probably to show the effects of pollution, and carrying a gun with "I hate humans" written on it. Check out Ventura's image below:

Ventura's artwork shows that Captain Planet remains relevant, and there have many attempts over the years to bring him to the big screen. In 2011, Cartoon Network teamed up with Real Steel's Susan Montford and Don Murphy for a Captain Planet movie. Sony acquired the project in 2013 but never saw it through, eventually letting the rights lapse. The most recent attempt is by Paramount, with Leonardo DiCaprio on board as producer. That film was announced in 2016. Co-writer Glen Powell (Set It Up) offered an update last year, calling his script "dark and irreverent," which would mark a turn for Captain Planet and his earnest Planeteers.

Though not much else is known about the potential film adaptation aside from Powell's comments, his description matches Ventura's take on the character. It's easy to imagine an updated version of Captain Planet looking exactly like that. DiCaprio is a noted force against climate change, so his involvement suggests that there could be a grim message in the movie that would update it for present-day. Though the eventual Captain Planet film may not be as light-hearted as the original series, Ventura's art shows that it could still have value.

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Source: Marcelo Ventura

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