'Captain Phillips' Trailer: Tom Hanks Battles Pirates of the Somalia

Captain Phillips Trailer (Movie 2013)

The true story of the MV Maersk Alabama hijacking is the subject of Captain Phillips, a new thriller from Bourne Supremacy/Ultimatum director Paul Greengrass, who covered similarly harrowing real-world events in his 2006 9/11-inspired dramatic thriller, United 93.

In the film Tom Hanks plays the titular captain Richard Phillips, whose ship was boarded in 2009 by four Somali pirates who then took crew members hostage. After some cat-and-mouse games for control of the vessel, the pirates fled with Captain Phillips as their prisoner. What would occur next was a multi-day standoff between the pirates, their comrades back in Somalia and the U.S. military - basically the stuff good thrillers are made of.

Captain Phillips Trailer (Movie 2013)

The Captain Phillips trailer showcases Greengrass' trademark guerrilla ` filming style - nowadays affectionately referred to as "shaky-cam." Obvious jokes about sea-sickness aside, the visuals look crisp, the villains seem scary (that one pirate who declares himself the new captain is sure to inspire some nightmares), the tension is palpable and there is Tom Hanks sporting a semi-ridiculous accent, to boot.

Captain Phillips is probably not going to have the same level of emotional impact as United 93, or even the same kind of action catharsis as the Bourne films, but Greengrass has proven to be a master of taught, tense rides, and this latest tale seems like it will at least provide that to paying moviegoers.


Captain Phillips will be in theaters on October 11, 2013.

Source: Guardian UK

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