Captain Marvel: Yon-Rogg Sees HIMSELF As Supreme Intelligence In Deleted Scene

Captain Marvel audiences came close to getting two versions of Jude Law for their ticket price, according to a newly described deleted scene. Directed by Ryan Fleck & Anna Boden, Captain Marvel was the Marvel Cinematic Universe's 21st installment and their first female-led outing. The film starred Brie Larson in the titular role, and went on to enjoy a huge return at the box office. Law starred as Yon-Rogg, a commander in the Kree's elite unit: Starforce. Though originally serving as a friend and mentor to Carol Danvers, he was ultimately revealed to be as villainous as his comic-book counterpart.

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Over the course of the film, Carol had multiple encounters with The Supreme Intelligence. Comprised of the greatest of Kree minds, the being is the overseer of the alien race and to whom everyone reports. Initially, it was to be comic-book accurate in appearance, but ultimately it was decided that it would appear to each individual as the person they most admired - whether they remember them or not. For Carol, it took the form of Annette Bening's character, Dr. Wendy Lawson, a.k.a. Mar-Vell. Early on, Carol asks Yon-Rogg which form it assumes for him. He neglects to answer. The truth, however, would have apparently been revealed in a scene that was ultimately cut.

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Speaking to Cinema Blend, Boden and Fleck revealed that they actually shot a scene where Yon-Rogg visits The Supreme Intelligence.  Asked whether there was a deleted scene that they wished had been able to make it into the theatrical cut, this was the one they chose. The reason for that choice stems primarily from the fact that The Supreme Intelligence would have taken on the appearance of Yon-Rogg himself. "Yon-Rogg, of course he's himself when he visits the Supreme Intelligence," declared Fleck. "Because you see the person who you admire the most, right?" added Boden. "I think the scene where Jude visits his Supreme Intelligence is really fun - I think it's on the deleted scenes - and it's just one of those delicious after scenes where Jude Law is playing both characters and being both brutal and vulnerable in the same space."

That Yon-Rogg would see the Supreme Intelligence as himself makes a great deal of sense, especially in the context of his villainous reveal. Equally, on the same note, it makes sense that the scene would be cut. After all, though comic book fans were savvy to the character's true nature, newcomers to the characters would have been in the dark. For a scene to openly convey Yon-Rogg's clear narcissism would be to spoil the third act reveals. Law, however, clearly sank his teeth into the opportunity.

Following on from the events of Avengers: Endgame, all eyes are set on the future of the franchise. Though the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home will serve as something of a denouement for the saga thus far, the MCU shows no signs of stopping. According to Kevin Feige, they already have the next five years planned. On top of that, Fleck and Boden want to see a Captain Marvel and Valkyrie team-up movie. Ultimately, however, it's almost inevitable that Captain Marvel will get a sequel. And given that there's over twenty years between the events of her solo outing and the recent team-up movie, there's a wealth of gaps in the timeline to be filled in.

Most notably, it remains unclear what happened to Yon-Rogg after Carol sent him back into space with a message for The Supreme Intelligence. One thing's for sure, though: his failure was most likely not received gratefully. As such, though it'll feature on the Blu-ray, a new version of the scene could conceivably make its way into Captain Marvel 2. After all, the Supreme Intelligence will no doubt seek retribution for what will be perceived as Carol's betrayal, and demand vengeance.

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Captain Marvel is available on Digital now and will be released on Blu-ray June 11.

Source: Cinema Blend

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