Captain Marvel's Worst Enemy is Getting Her Own Series

Star Captain Marvel Comic Spinoff

Carol Danvers, AKA Captain Marvel has only just discovered the secret identity of her traitorous new enemy--the supervillain posing as a superhero, Star--and now that enemy is going to be getting her very own comic book mini-series from Marvel Comics.

For those who missed the ongoing drama between Carol and Star, the new 'hero' has been siphoning off Captain Marvel's powers for a while now, and it was just revealed that she is actually Ripley Ryan--the very same Ripley Ryan that helped expose Carol's Captain Marvel's Kree heritage to the public. Now it's been announced that same Star will be getting her own spin-off comic book series in 2020, where readers can learn more about her. Ripley has already let Carol know that she worked with Carol's rival Minerva to steal her powers, attaching a robotic parasite to Carol's heart. But when that plan was foiled, Ripley starts siphoning powers from the whole Earth population. Making her stronger than ever, but not exactly what you expect from the star of their own Marvel series...

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The new series was announced during Marvel's retailer panel at New York Comic-Con, with current Captain Marvel writer Kelly Thompson expressing her excitement to get a chance to put Star into even more of the spotlight:

The excitement surrounding Star has been really fun to watch... And there's still a big surprise coming in Captain Marvel #11 later this month... and it's the kind of surprise that sort of DEMANDS a mini-series like this to explore the mysteries surrounding her and her importance and potential in the larger Marvel Universe.

Star #1 will be hitting shelves in January 2020. For now readers can find the cover and solicitation for the first issue below.

  • STAR #1 (OF 5)
  • Written by KELLY THOMPSON
  • Penciled by TBA
  • Variant Cover by JEEHYUNG LEE
  • Ambitious reporter Ripley Ryan was one of the victims caught up in Nuclear Man’s apocalyptic schemes and later became the hero STAR, adored by everyone. But in truth she was Dr. Minerva's attempt at a Kree-human Super-Soldier. Desperate for the power and strength to control her own destiny, she tried to kill Captain Marvel — and failed. Ripley was left, defeated and powerless, in the Raft. But something strange has happened, and Star now finds herself more powerful than ever before. And no one in the Marvel Universe is prepared for what it means.

Star is currently Carol Danvers' worst enemy, so fans will obviously ask: what will her comic book series reveal to change that opinion? Will Captain Marvel be able to stop Star before she destroys the world? Will Ripley Ryan's story take a more heroic turn? Find out in the new comic book series, Star, coming January 2020! Until then, get to know Star in the latest Captain Marvel series, on sale at your local comic show and direct from Marvel Comics.

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