Captain Marvel's All-Women Team Just Saved Manhattan

Captain Marvel Women Hero Team

Warning: The following contains spoilers from Captain Marvel #5

Marvel fans got a glimpse at an all female Marvel team-up in Avengers: Endgame, and Marvel Comics has united one of their own. In Captain Marvel #5 a group of women superheroes join forces to take down the wife-seeking Nuclear Man. A threat that Carol Danvers and Rogue of the X-Men must team up to take down--and how it delivers.

At the beginning of the Re-Entry story line, Carol came back to New York and the Avengers from spending some time with her family. Her father had passed away, her brother became injured in a car accident, and she discovered her mom was really a Kree Warrior (yeah, she was dealing with a lot). Carol is home for barely a day when a villain named Nuclear Man shows up and lures her through a portal. The interesting thing about this portal? Only female superheroes can get through it, and time passes differently inside. The women all seem to be fine, but there is something missing: the men.

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Carol also discovers that the superheroes are not at their full power, and no one knows why. The longer they seem to be in this barrier, the more their powers drain, making it harder for them to keep up in the endless battles. Throughout the whole series, Nuclear Man talks down to the women, condescending to them based purely on their 'inferior' gender. Which makes what happens next all the sweeter.

Captain Marvel Women Hero Team Comic

Nuclear Man knows about Rogue and Carol's past so he lures Rogue in to his lair and plans a battle to the death between the two. Why? To force the most powerful one to marry him of course. Captain Marvel knows that she has to succumb to Rogue's powers in order to help save the day--so she allows Rogue to absorb her (again) and together they knock down Nuclear Man. But he has a much more destructive plan than just pitting these two against each other--and he let the ladies know he has a bomb hidden somewhere. Rogue and Carol rush back to the other women and team up to find the bomb... who just so happens to be Nuclear Man's son. The same son who has been working with the women to defeat his father since the beginning.

Rogue risks everything to absorb his power, hoping to contain it before he goes off and destroys Manhattan. It is then that they realize Nuclear Man's son, Som, has been unknowingly draining the women of their superpowers. Once Rogue stops him, the superwomen get a rush of powers back and the barrier falls. This rock star, all female team consists of Captain Marvel, Rogue, She-Hulk, Hazmat, Echo, and Spider-Woman. They throw their full powers at Nuclear Man--together--but he still manages to escape, taking his reluctant son with him.

Will Nuclear Man come back in the future? Hopefully when he does, he has a new outlook on life, and realizes that women are his equal (and in this case, perhaps his superior). Rogue and Carol admit they will never be friends, but they don't mind punching bad guys together instead of each other... for once. Is an all female, A-Force style, team up in the cards for the MCU? Fans definitely deserve a female Avengers movie, that's for sure.

Captain Marvel #5 is available at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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