Captain Marvel & War Machine's Comic Romance is Official

Captain Marvel and War Machine in Avengers Endgame

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS from Captain Marvel #5

Captain Marvel and War Machine have had their share of relationship problems, like most superheroes. But their romance ended in heartbreak back in the Civil War II event when Rhodey was killed, leaving Carol Danvers devastated. While Avengers: Endgame only teased a romance between them, the Marvel Comic versions of Carol and Rhodey just put their love back into the spotlight, and sealed it with a kiss.

The death of James "Rhodey" Rhodes fueled Carol's war with Iron Man, and she would eventually put Tony Stark in a coma to end the feud. Rarely does anyone stay dead in comics, so of course Rhodey ended up coming back. But Carol spent a good part of the last year off world, only to return to a pile of family issues (including finding out her mother was actually a Kree Warrior, but that's a story for another time).

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Captain Marvel has been on quite the adventure in her latest series, Captain Marvel. When Carol first came back to the Avengers, she went out to lunch with Rhodey--happy to see he was back in the land of the living. Unfortunately their date was interrupted when Carol was once again called upon to save the world (or at least the island of Manhattan) with an all female group of Marvel heroines. But after weeks spent in a Mad Max-esque war inside a bubble over New York, Carol finally escaped... directly back into Rhodey's arms.

Captain Marvel and War Machine Kiss

Where Carol was, time moved a little differently than the outside world (sound familiar?), so she hadn't seen Rhodey in what seemed like weeks, where he had only been missing her for twelve hours. She came back to him with a new haircut, a new outfit, but the same burning passion that defined their love affair before they were tragically separated. War Machine mentions that everything is different, but Carol's internal monologue confirms that some things never change. After the pair lock lips (sending a flustered Captain America away to give them some space) Rhodey goes on to ask just how long Carol's been wanting to kiss him, and she admits she's been thinking about it for "literally weeks." Time is a funny thing.

It sure seems like Carol has been in love with Rhodey ever since she lost him, and this time, she doesn't want to let go. He's been reciprocating those feelings, but only time will tell if it will last... superheroes do seem to have the worst luck with romances. What will the future hold for Captain Marvel and War Machine? Is this something we will see come into play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Fans of this couple can only hope. Captain Marvel will continue her story in War of the Realms and hopefully both of these heavy hitters will live through it to continue their relationship.

Captain Marvel #5 is available now at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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