Captain Marvel vs MCU Superheroes: Just How Strong Is She?

With Captain Marvel set to make her big screen debut next year, Kevin Feige has already stated that she will be the most powerful Avenger we have seen on screen yet. With her powers including super strength, flight, durability and the ability to shoot powerful blasts from her hands she certainly packs a punch. Still, ranking her as the most powerful is definitely a bold statement.  There are several Avengers on the team already who are extremely strong, many of which would be serious contenders were they to face off. Many of the heroes have been getting progressively stronger as the movies go on, having time to build up their powers, while Captain Marvel will be a complete newcomer.

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While it would be easy to list stats like how many tons she can lift or what her official power ranking is, those don’t really give a good picture of her strength. One of the easiest ways to really understand how big of an impact Captain Marvel will make is by comparing her to the other heroes we’ve seen before. Here's how she stacks up compared to the heroes who have already hit the big screen.

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10 Superheroes Who Have Had The Most MCU Appearances
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10 Captain America

10 Superheroes Who Have Had The Most MCU Appearances

Though Captain America certainly has his mighty shield that would be able to handle any blasts that she threw his way, in terms of sheer strength it's no contest. The serum that turned Cap into a super soldier just can't stand up to alien DNA giving Captain Marvel her super strength. If it came down to a battle of the captains, it's hard to see Steve lasting too long.

9 Black Panther

The king of Wakanda has shown himself to be extremely durable with his vibranium suit, with many fans complaining that it made him practically invincible. Though she wouldn't be able to pierce through the suit, Captain Marvel could easily show that Black Panther isn’t so invincible after all.

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There’s not much he would be able to do to fight back, as her durability would easily take pretty much anything but a direct scratch of his vibranium claws. She could easily just fly circles around him and take him out.

8 Spider-Man

Tom Holland as Spider-Man with Avengers Endgame Poster

While we've seen that Spider-Man's strength in the MCU is impressive, he's still a beginner. The movie version of Peter Parker is just starting out and learning what he can really do. Even if he was a seasoned veteran, Spider-Man would have an extremely tough time against Captain Marvel. He doesn't have a great way to defend against her energy blasts and while he is definitely quick, eventually she would overwhelm him.

7 Vision

This matchup is interesting because Vision and Captain Marvel have very similar powers. Flight, super strength, and shooting lasers. The last we saw of Vision in a fight he certainly didn't seem too fearsome, being threatened by Thanos' lackeys. Though their power set is similar, Captain Marvel would take the edge just by being slightly better at what they do.

6 Thor

While Feige has stated that Captain Marvel will be the most powerful hero we’ve seen on screen yet, it will be interesting to see how she compares to Thor. With Ragnarok and Infinity War, Thor became incredibly strong. He has tapped into his full godhood and has a new weapon that can take out Thanos even with all of the infinity stones.  

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Thor has really earned the title of God of Thunder, and it's difficult to see exactly how Captain Marvel will be able to top that level of power.

5 Hulk

10 Superheroes Who Have Had The Most MCU Appearances

This matchup is hard to judge. In the comics, Hulk would definitely have the edge and has treated Captain Marvel like a plaything in the past. The MCU version of the Hulk is a little less strong though, especially with the issues he’s been having with Banner. Thanos and Thor have both been able to take him out of commission recently and while he is still the Incredible Hulk, he's not quite as Incredible as his comic book counterpart. It is conceivable that Captain Marvel would be able to keep her distance and wear him down. It’s a close call, but the edge goes to Captain Marvel.

4 Doctor Strange

This one is really hard to judge because we haven’t seen the extent of just how much Doctor Strange learned between his solo movie and Infinity War. Even though we only got a taste, it's still pretty evident that Doctor Strange has done some serious upgrading. We finally got to see crazy spells such as the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak. That being said, it's not clear how much Strange’s Magic would have an effect on Captain Marvel. The matchup depends on whether her extreme durability extends to the influence of the Sorcerer Supreme.

3 Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in Avengers Infinity War

Like Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel vs. Scarlet Witch is hard to judge based on how little we know of magic in the MCU. One thing is for sure, Scarlet Witch has been getting progressively stronger as the movies go on. Her display of power in Infinity War shocked many people and cemented her as one of the big hitters. Unfortunately, the comics aren't really an informative source on this showdown, as Scarlet Witch’s powers in the comics are significantly different. One thing we do have to go off is how well Scarlet Witch was able to handle Vision in Civil War. Completely dominating the android shows that she would at least be a serious challenge for Captain Marvel.

2 Iron Man

Spider-Man Teaser For Marvel Comics' Civil War II

Iron Man and Captain Marvel have recently found themselves on opposite sides in the most recent Civil War run.  If the MCU were to follow the comics and pit these two against each other it would certainly be an interesting fight.  Iron Man’s latest suit in Infinity War is a massive upgrade, and it's what makes him such a threat.  

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Though he managed to draw a drop of blood from the mad Titan himself, he might only be able to do the same to Captain Marvel.  She would be able to withstand his repulsor blasts and constantly wear down on the nanoparticles that make up his suit.

1 Thanos

Of course, the only showdown that really matters is whether Captain Marvel will be able to take down Thanos. It's certainly starting to look like she is the last hope for the Avengers. Does she have the power to turn the tide? Against Thanos without the Infinity Gauntlet, it’s pretty easy to see how Captain Marvel would be able to take him, even though it would be close. Unfortunately, even though she just might be the strongest Avenger we have seen yet, her power would still be dwarfed by Thanos with all six stones. Only Endgame can reveal how they actually get it done.

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