Captain Marvel Video Spotlights Fan-Favorite Goose the Cat

Goose the Cat gets the spotlight in a new behind-the-scenes Captain Marvel video. Although known as Chewie in the comics, in reference to Star Wars, Carol Danvers' furry friend was as prominent on the screen as she was on the page. Now going by Goose, in a reference to Top Gun and better tying into Carol's fighter-pilot past, the cuddly critter was revealed to be more than she seemed. Rather than a cat, Goose turned out to be a Flerken: an alien creature whose body houses a pocket dimension through which Goose can consume enemies - and Tesseracts - via tentacles unleashed from her mouth.

Captain Marvel was the twenty-first movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which began just eleven short years ago, and has since become the most unstoppable force in Hollywood. Amid all the girl power action and positive representation, Goose the Cat was widely considered to be a standout. Stealing not just Nick Fury's heart - and eye - the extraterrestrial feline proved to be a scene-stealer, leaving many audience members besotted. One fan even edited posters to replace The Avengers with Goose. Unfortunately, despite Avengers: Endgame serving as the culmination of the MCU thus far, Goose was nowhere to be seen - with The Russos refusing to confirm whether she survived The Snap. Luckily, a new video has been released, celebrating the fan-favorite feline.

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Posted by EW, the video delves behind-the-scenes of Marvel's first female-led blockbuster, offering fans a closer look at Goose's role in the film. Complete with traditional Hollywood voiceover, the video appears to be building towards a celebration of Carol Danvers. If the cat-puns weren't enough, however, it quickly becomes apparent that Goose is the true focus. Despite Goose's scenes being mostly CGI, the video goes on to reveal that, after numerous auditions, a tabby named Reggie went on to win the role. According to the voiceover, Reggie's landing of the role was due to his "unique sense of humor" and "comedic timing".

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Co-director Anna Boden also reveals that Kevin Feige's first note to her and Ryan Fleck was to include "200% more Goose". The note was something both directors were clearly more than happy to give - despite "countless hours of cuddles and nuzzles" required. As well as serving as a source of comic relief - in both Nick Fury and Talos's reaction to her (both of which are seen in the video) - Goose proved integral to the final act. As well as saving both Fury and Maria Rambeau, the Flerken also kept The Tesseract out of Kree hands.

Goose was last seen in Captain Marvel's post-credit scene, coughing up The Tesseract onto Nick Fury's desk. What happened to the Flerken after that remains the subject of much speculation. As well as not appearing in Avengers: Endgame, she also was nowhere to be found in any prior MCU film. Many people question if Nick Fury called on Carol Danvers for help before. Why he never utilized Goose as a weapon against previous threats, however, is an equally valid question. After all, Goose could have been useful in defeating Thanos. Many fans hold onto the hope that her subsequent adventures will be detailed one day, and that she's still out there somewhere rather than in a pet cemetery. Whatever the case ends up being, Goose fans can take solace in the character at least getting the recognition and celebration she deserves.

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Captain Marvel releases on Digital and Blu-ray on May 28 and June 11, respectively.

Source: EW

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