Captain Marvel's ‘Twist’ Was Spoiled in Infinity War

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel

By the time Carol Danvers joined the MCU, fans had spent months if not years wondering how Captain Marvel could beat Thanos, how she could return to Earth to join the team for Avengers: Endgame, and even why Nick Fury didn't ask for help any of the other times the world was in peril. But the biggest surprise in the Captain Marvel movie was one that nobody ever expected--and secretly made Carol a villain, herself.

We're referring to the big twist of the MCU's Captain Marvel origin, when Carol learns that the Kree she fought for had actually kidnapped her from Earth, and erased her memories. Even worse, they did it all to win the war against the Skrulls… innocent refugees on the brink of extinction, and not at all the villainous threat her Kree commanders claimed they were. That's a big leap from the shape-shifting, alien invaders most fans know from Marvel's comic history. Even more surprising? Avengers: Infinity War gave away this twist long before fans knew to prepare for it. Allow us to explain.

How Infinity War Hinted at The Twist

The clue delivered in Avengers: Infinity War may be an Easter Egg more than an obvious spoiler, but it's one that viewers won't need to go searching for too intensely. It comes in a single line of dialogue spoken by Gamora, after the Guardians of the Galaxy run into Thor floating through space (after his doomed bout with Thanos). Once the god of thunder is pulled into the ship, each member of the team observes his godly, muscular body with awe.

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While the others comment on his style or looks, Gamora focuses in on the actual composition of his body, running her hands over his arm (to the dismay of Star-Lord) and making the following observation:

“It's like his muscles are made of Cotati metal fibers…”

Gamora drops the analogy as quickly as she drops Thor's arm once Peter Quill objects, and the line is left without further explanation. Which is a shame, because it poses an obvious question to viewers who want to know more about the alien races of the MCU's cosmic side. A question whose answer revealed more than anyone realized at the time.

What Are The Cotati?

Since the word is appropriately alien sounding, it's easy to dismiss it as a minor nod to comic book lore, or even an untranslated adjective in an alien language. But the subtitles confirm Gamora is making a reference to the Cotati: an ancient race of tree-like, peaceful, sentient beings who are apparently as important a part of Marvel's movie history as that of the comics. When it comes to the big twist, the lies, and the betrayals of Captain Marvel, the Cotati hold the entire secret in plain sight.

The reason it's impressive for Gamora to know about the existence of the Cotati at all is because so few of them remain alive… after the Kree decided they were an enemy that had to be dealt with the same way as the Skrulls in Captain Marvel's version of the story.

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