Captain Marvel TV Spot Shows Skrull Transformation

Captain Marvel - Skrulls

The latest Captain Marvel TV spot includes footage of a Skrull transforming, set to the tune of Hole's hit 1990s rock song "Celebrity Skin". It's a fitting choice of music too, seeing as the Marvel Cinematic Universe adventure not only takes place during the 1990s, but also draws heavily from the decade's pop culture for its style and tone. Producer Jonathan Schwartz has specifically name-dropped '90s action movies like Independence Day as inspiration for Captain Marvel and the latest promo even includes clips from an aerial chase sequence (where Carol Danvers pilots a jet while being pursued by an alien craft) that almost looks like it was lifted straight out of Roland Emmerich's sci-fi blockbuster.

Carol (Brie Larson) likewise sports a '90s grunge look while going undercover on earth in the film, with Nick Fury - played yet again by Samuel L. Jackson, with some CGI de-aging for assistance - commending her on her fashion in the latest TV spot. Speaking of going undercover: this promo also offers a far clearer picture of what the Skrulls look like when they shape-shift in the movie, in an effort to blend in with the rest of humanity and avoid being detected by Carol. Of course, as the film's already-infamous "Captain Marvel vs. Grandma" scene illustrates, Carol is pretty dang good at spotting fake humans.

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Marvel Studios' new Captain Marvel TV spot includes much of the same footage that's been featured in previous trailers and TV promos, but also highlights a one on one fight between Carol and Talos (Ben Mendelsohn) - the leader of the Skrull invasion of earth - in addition to the clip of what appears to be Talos taking on his human form. Take a look for yourselves in the space below.

Early reactions to Captain Marvel praised the movie for its '90s sci-fi action adventure vibe, so it's good to see that Marvel Studios is leaning harder into that with their latest marketing material for the film. The MCU has enjoyed a great deal of success when it comes to channeling the spirit and flavor of movies from different decades in the past, whether it's Thor: Ragnarok taking inspiration from '80s action-comedies like Big Trouble in Little China or the Captain America sequels drawing from '70s political thrillers. By the look of things, Captain Marvel successfully continues that trend by evoking not only '90s sci-fi action fare, but also buddy movies thanks to the dynamic between Carol and Fury in the film.

With less than two weeks to go before Captain Marvel reaches theaters, this TV spot is probably as spoiler-heavy as the film's marketing is going to get overall. There's no need for Marvel Studios to reveal any other major details either, seeing as anyone who's planning to see the movie opening weekend has already pre-purchased their ticket or is planning to do so in the immediate future. Still, it will be interesting to learn what other secrets the film is holding onto for the time being, including - of course - who's secretly a Skrull and whether some of the MCU's most famous players in the present-day are really shape-shifting extraterrestrials in disguise.

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