Captain Marvel Trailer Confirms Her KREE Codename?

Captain Marvel's new trailer just answered one of the movie's biggest questions, confirming Carol's Kree codename - and its true meaning.

Warning: potential SPOILERS for Captain Marvel

The new Captain Marvel trailer has showcased even more of Carol Danvers' time as a Kree super soldier, but fans may not realize that her Starforce codename has also been revealed. And it sure isn't 'Captain Marvel.'

The trailer has proven that the Captain Marvel movie won't adapt the heroine's comic origin story, and will be making some serious departures. Weaving Kree mind-wiping and genetic engineering into memories of Earth and Carol's life before Starforce, one of the trailer's smallest moments may have also shown how Carol Danvers-- sorry, just Vers gets her name as a Kree warrior hero.

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For Marvel fans who may have missed this detail in the marketing, it will come as a surprise to learn of a Captain Marvel Funko Pop named "Vers," depicting Carol in her Kree Starforce uniform. While others showing her in the red, blue, and gold uniform were labeled as 'Captain Marvel,' the implication was that "Vers" really was Carol's Kree callsign, or codename. Now the latest trailer seems to confirm our theory of just where her Kree superiors got the name from in the first place. Take a look:

This shot from the trailer may be lost in the shuffle, as several flashes of Carol's childhood, basic training, and time as an Air Force pilot rush in to confuse her. The fragment of her dog tag is important for obvious reasons, assuming Carol's memories of her human life, on Earth, are as fractured as it seems. We also know exactly how that dog tag gets shattered, as well, thanks to the glimpses we've seen of Captain Marvel's new movie origin story. The mysteries surrounding Carol's crash, her enemy, and the energetic explosion that follows will wait for the theatrical release to be solved. But if the explosion that appears to rewrite Carol's cells was violent enough to shear her dog tag in half, then not one, but two moments can be confirmed.

When the Funko Pop named "Vers" first appeared, we speculated that Carol's dog tag could have been broken, leaving only the end of her last name to identify her once she was taken by an alien race. The other moment looks to be the one in which Carol stumbles across the evidence of her old life. Our theory seems to have been proven true, with this shot from the trailer (showing the "Carol" half of the dog tag in a box of photos and keepsakes) going a long way to confirm it explicitly. For all the secrecy surrounding Captain Marvel's movie debut, sometimes the most obvious explanation turns out to be the right one.

There are still plenty of mysteries to decipher in the new Captain Marvel trailer, starting with the roles of the Kree and Skrulls in plucking Carol Danvers out of her normal life back home on Earth. Which of the alien empires are even the ones to find her, detain her, and award her the new name of "Vers"? Once again, we may have a theory or two about the answers to those riddles... but one question at a time.

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