Captain Marvel Trailer Recut in Chronological Order

Since the Captain Marvel movie trailer dropped, the internet has spent a lot of time dissecting it - but one fan took things a step further and recut the entire thing. The MCU's first female-led standalone flick has given fans something big to talk about, and most of it positive. Many theories have seemingly been confirmed following the trailer's release, but considering that it's only a teaser trailer, it may be difficult to glean anything substantial  from the film's plot.

Throughout the Captain Marvel teaser trailer, Nick Fury's voiceover provides most of the context. What are possibly flashbacks are scattered throughout, showing her at different stages of her life and in very different attire. It's difficult to piece together exactly when she was on Earth and when she was on Hala, but things start to become clearer when they're rearranged.

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In the recut trailer, YouTuber Zorklis put things in, more or less, chronological order. First, Carol's life is shown as she's growing up - and what's most notable is the number of times she falls. Then, her career as an Air Force Pilot is shown before she travels into space, being blasted by a cosmic energy that ostensibly gives her superpowers. Following this, she's shown in her uniform as a member of the Kree Starforce, before she falls to Earth and is discovered by Nick Fury and S.H.I.E.L.D. There are, then, shots of her in street clothes, the now-infamous shot of her punching an old woman on a bus, and her clenching her fists in her new Captain Marvel costume.

All of this supports the theory that the film will be adapting a recent arc from Kelly Sue DeConnick's Captain Marvel comics. In them, Carol's powers are directly connected to her brain, and she has a brain hemorrhage that has a major effect on her memories. Based on the recut trailer, it appears as though she may have lost her memory when she obtained her powers, leading to her becoming a member of the Kree Starforce. After landing in a Blockbuster Video story in the 1990s, she has to readjust and figure out who she is and what these scattered memories really mean about what happened to her.

There are still a lot of moments in the trailer that are difficult to place, and it's probably not a good idea to take the recut version as fact. However, it does give viewers a better idea of what to expect when the film finally arrives, especially for those who may have been unaware of who she is and all the details of regarding her comic book origin.

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Source: Zorklis

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