Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown: 33 Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed

5. Captain Marvel's Origin

In the comics, Carol Danvers gained her formidable powers after she was exposed to alien radiation when a Kree device known as a Psyche-Magnetron exploded near her. It looks as though Carol's MCU origin is the same, with this scene showing she was stood next to something alien when it was blasted apart by cosmic energies. Interestingly, the explosion effects in this scene look very similar to those we saw in Ant-Man & the Wasp, suggesting that in the MCU Captain Marvel's body may well have been exposed to energy from the Quantum Realm; we've long known that Captain Marvel will revisit the Quantum Realm in some way, but this is the first hint as to how that could be the case.

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4. Captain Marvel's Helmet

Captain Marvel blast explosion

We already saw the mohawk a few shots ago, but near the end of the Captain Marvel trailer we get a proper look at her helmet. The Kree helmet has been part of the character's iconography since Mar-Vell held the mantle, and has been reimagined in various forms over the years. This goes right back to the classic version, and works surprisingly well with the more modern green costume.

As for where this scene comes, not much is shown of context, but it presumably is from the same mission seen earlier, possibly on Torfa.

3. A Lifetime of Fighting Back

According to the trailer, Captain Marvel's defining character trait is a simple one; however many times she falls, she always gets back up. Carol Danvers isn't one to back down or give up; whether as a child with dreams of being a pilot, as an adult struggling to complete her training, or as a superhero battling to save the world, she will always fight back. This particular sequence, showing her throughout the years, is stunning and effective.

2. A Glimpse of Captain Marvel's Real Villain

The montage culminates in Carol making a fist facing off against a mysterious villain - but who could it be? The costume design certainly looks Kree, while the skin-color could suggest this is Jude Law's character. That would mean we definitely shouldn't trust Jude Law's character; could he actually be Yon-Rogg after all?

1. Captain Marvel's Powers

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel eyes

Kevin Feige has described Carol Danvers as one of the most powerful heroes to enter the MCU to date. "Her powers are off the charts," he's observed, "and when she's introduced, she will be by far the strongest character we've ever had." The trailer doesn't give too much away about Captain Marvel's power levels, settling for a couple of scenes in which she projects powerful energy blasts. The most stunning sequence, though, is at the very end of the trailer, in which dazzling energy coruscates around Carol's body. In the comics, Captain Marvel has the power to transform into a so-called "Binary" form, in which she can tap into the power of a "white hole" and manipulate stellar energies to an unprecedented degree. This appears to be the MCU's version of the Binary form.

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