Captain Marvel Trailer #3 Breakdown: 14 New Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed

Captain Marvel Trailer Breakdown Carol and Skrulls

Here's our breakdown of the new Captain Marvel trailer released during the College Football Playoff National Championship game. Previous Captain Marvel trailers have been heavily criticized for abandoning Marvel's traditional approach, failing to explain the movie to general viewers who've never heard the name Carol Danvers before.

This latest Captain Marvel trailer, however, is different. Released on the same day tickets went on sale, it outlined everything a casual viewer would need to know. A lot of footage is recycled from previous trailers, but it's stitched together in a different way, and interspersed with a lot of scenes that give a sense of the movie's character. The trademark Marvel humor - which was largely absent from the previous trailers - is on full display.

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In light of this excellent Captain Marvel trailer, let's cast a critical eye on all the new revelations contained within it. What makes this trailer work so well, and what does it add to the conversation about Marvel's next blockbuster? Here are the biggest secrets and story reveals.

14. Captain Marvel Uses 1990s Music (Finally)

Captain Marvel Music

Although Captain Marvel is set in the '90s, up till now the trailers have avoided actually using music from the period. That's changed with this sneak peek, which opens with the track "Connection" by Elastica. Released on October 10th, 1994 as a single, "Connection" eventually appeared on Elastica's 1995 self-titled debut album. It was one of the first Britpop records to gain popularity in the United States, peaking at #53 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Official Disney websites had already confirmed that Captain Marvel takes place in 1995, and the trailer music definitely seems to reaffirm that.

13. Carol Danvers and Nick Fury Hide Out In A Bar

Carol Danvers Hides Out At A bar in Captain Marvel

The Captain Marvel trailer moves on to briefly focus on what seems to be one of the most important relationships in the film; the dynamic between Brie Larson's Carol Danvers and Samuel L. Jackson's Nick Fury. The pair appear to be hiding out in a bar, with Carol quipping that Nick has had something of a "rough day." Notice that both are in civilian attire; Carol has abandoned her superhero garb, and is instead wearing a leather jacket and a Nine Inch Nails shirt (hilariously, she probably has no idea what the label on the shirt really means). There's an easy, natural humor in the interaction between Carol and Agent Fury, and their banter sets the tone for a much lighter trailer.

12. Starforce's Mission To Torfa

Captain Marvel's first act includes a scene where the Kree Starforce run a mission to the mist-shrouded world of Torfa. In the comics, Torfa is a galactic backwater planet that was created by Kelly Sue DeConnick as part of her iconic Captain Marvel run. It's already been confirmed that Starforce have traced Skrull agents to Torfa, and the trailer seems to suggest they're running a major operation to deal with the threat.

11. The Shapeshifting Skrulls

A Skrull Transforms in Captain Marvel

The Skrulls are being presented as the main villains in Captain Marvel, a race of shapeshifters who have presumably come to Earth with conquest in mind. This trailer goes to great effort to showcase their threat, highlighting a group of Skrulls strolling up the Los Angeles beach. One fixes its eyes upon a female surfer, and then begins to shapeshift into her form. It's the first time Marvel has shown the Skrulls changing in one of the trailers, and it's tremendously effective. The clip was probably saved for late in the day because the CGI was previously unfinished.

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10. More Of The Old Lady Fight

Carol Danvers Fighting in Captain Marvel

The Captain Marvel trailer then moves on to show more of the clash between Carol Danvers and a Skrull who's taken on the form of a sweet, elderly lady. This sequence has been shown in all the trailers to date, with more of it revealed each time. It's now clear that Carol Danvers smashes through the roof of a Los Angeles subway train in order to pursue a Skrull impostor, and correctly identifies the woman. Although Captain Marvel strikes the first blow, the old lady has moves of her own, and puts up quite a fight before being knocked out.

Of course, the interesting question is just how Captain Marvel knew which one of the people on the train was a Skrull in the first place. In the comics, some of Marvel's greatest heroes have a sense called "cosmic awareness," which gives them insight into events that are playing out on a galactic scale. It's possible the MCU version of Captain Marvel has this ability.

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