The Internet's Best Captain Marvel and Thor Memes

Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel and Thor's Mjolnir

If you haven't yet seen Avengers: Endgame yet, you've probably still seen the trailer in which (spoilers) Thor summons Stormbreaker, his enchanted ax, in order to test Captain Marvel. Not only does she stand perfectly still as it whizzes past her face, but she smirks at him afterward. Thor grins and pronounces that he likes Carol after the power play.

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It's no wonder the Internet responded so quickly to such an adorable scene. The idea of Captain Marvel telling Thor, "Try me," with just a look is too tempting to resist, so why not generate a bunch of fun memes based on those few seconds of the longest Marvel movie yet?

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10 Shipping Thor And Captain Marvel

Naturally, after that little grin, many fans went gaga thinking that Thor might now have eyes for Carol--and vice versa. While many of us still don't see that and might appreciate a Thor/Carol buddy movie more than a romantic one, Emran Ahmed shared what it might be like if the two would become an item. It's a cute meme, but we have to say it's out of character. Both of these heroes would be ready and willing for that fight without needing a reminder from Cap, but it could make for a cute moment at another point in time. Here are some other funny Thor/Carol memes along the same vein.

9 Go For The Head

This meme that's been shared by PedroPacheco is of the funny and ironic variety. Captain Marvel is chastising Thor for not getting Thanos in the face with Stormbreaker as he should have, and it's a pretty sick burn. It's a rather obvious aspect that fans are still sore about when it comes to Avengers: Infinity War, possibly even more than Peter Quill losing it and punching his future father-in-law, and Carol pointing it out only reminds us how Thor failed.

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It also points out how she's as formidable a foe as Thanos, so if he'd planned to take her out, he should have gone for the head. That's one reason why she's totally not afraid as he summons Stormbreaker. Another reason? She's Captain Marvel, and she's not scared of anybody.

8 Hold His Beer

The reason this meme by Prince-Riley is so funny is due to a spoiler, so skip this one if you don't want to know! It's been insinuated that Captain Marvel will save the day when it comes to Endgame, and she pretty much does, but not in the way Marvel fans would expect her to. In fact, some of us were disappointed she didn't have a larger role. Still, her being the biggest and baddest Avenger made a lot of people upset, especially those who think Thor is more powerful. What's so hilarious about this meme is not only that Carol is more powerful than Thor—at least if we're arguing the MCU here—-but that Thor spent most of the move drinking beer and battling with his guilt. So while we ache for Thor, this pretty much turns the original meme on its head, and it would seem as if it even did so unintentionally!

7 Plan C

We could joke and say this is a spoiler for Endgame, and that it ends with Thor and Captain Marvel repopulating the universe together, but obviously that's ridiculous. That's why this meme by coreyjuarezz is so ridiculous.

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Granted, with their powers combined these two could not only repopulate the universe in no time, but make it full of blonde thunder gods who strive to go higher, further and faster. But something tells us that they have better ideas in mind. We also just love it when Brie Larson poses with her many fans and inspires kids to grow up to be heroes.

6 Another!

This meme by @WyattTheNerd is downright silly, but it throws Captain Marvel into one of our favorite Thor moments from his original film. We can all remember when Thor, thoroughly impressed with cheap coffee, declared, "This drink, I like it. Another!" and threw his mug onto the floor, shattering the china.

It was a bit much, and we know he couldn't do the same to Carol, but it makes this meme so funny because Thor is once again stating that he likes something, which might as well be Thor's stamp of approval. He doesn't say this every day, so it definitely means something big.

5 Things Just Got Serious

This meme looks so serious, but now that it's made we could see lots of people using it to express relationship issues no matter if they're Avengers fans or not! Without the context, this really does look like a couple battling some thorny issue, whether it's a gambling addiction or something else.

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LYVEGames's meme could be used for years to come whenever someone is asking their person to stay, to joke about an issue they may have overcome or even to incite a bit of drama. We can't see either of these two bluffing, but that just makes this meme even better.

4 A Meme Of A Meme

It's not exactly Thor-ception, but this meme of Thor showing Captain Marvel a meme is a fun one that nods back to purely silly memes of yore. It is also a video by Lachlan Kell on YouTube. The seriousness of the superheroes makes this so funny because the meme is anything but, and when Captain Marvel finally smirks, it's like they're in on some really important information together.

In this case, it's Thor who makes Carol smile and not vice versa, but what exactly is she smirking about? Is she irritated by Thor wasting important time? Amused by his video? In this still, he even looks a bit accusatory toward her, but why? The world may never know.

3 I Think We Need A Bigger Mouse

Reddit user Alioramus7 made this hilarious Tom and Jerry meme regarding Dr. Strange, Thor, and Captain Marvel and how big of a threat each poses to Thanos, who is obviously Tom the cat in this situation. It's obvious that while Thor, who wielded the magical ax, Stormbringer, that could have ended everything, was a much bigger threat to Thanos than Strange, Captain Marvel is a much larger force to be reckoned with.

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Avoid spoilers by not reading this next part, but, in Endgame, when Captain Marvel confronts Thanos at the end of the film and his headbutt does literally nothing to her, his face is priceless. He almost panics and loses everything in that moment.

2 You Kidding Us?

Now that Captain Marvel and Thor have pretty much proven themselves to be the strongest Avengers based on their original films within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it's no wonder that when they watch their teammates without abilities train they might feel a little amused, or even exasperated with the lack of similarly-powered backup.

This funny meme by Emran Ahmed suggests that they might have some complex feelings when it comes to seeing someone like Black Widow train with her guns while they rev up their photon blasts and lightning powers. It's also just a great photo of Brie Larson and Chris Hemsworth. That bit of side-eye would make a great album cover...

1 Valkyrie Will Love Her

Many fans really want Carol Danvers to give us some much-needed LGBTQ+ representation, and given that Thor and Valkyrie are BFFs, many think that he should be her wingman and totally get these two together.  This meme by ejnoodles demonstrates how perfect that could be. While short hair does not a lesbian make, and Captain Marvel isn't out as an LGBT character, she can certainly be a bisexual one. Brie Larson has advocated for LGBTQ+ representation, and we're long overdue for it. We can't deny that the warriors would not only look super cute together, but they're both so busy that they could probably even work it out.

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