Captain Marvel BETRAYS Iron Man... By Spoiling Game of Thrones

Captain Marvel and Iron Man Fight Comic

Warning: SPOILERS for Game of ThronesTony Stark: Iron Man

Captain Marvel just revealed one of the most dangerous, but overlooked dangers facing superheroes in the heat of battles: the risk of spoiling shows like Game of Thrones. Technically Carol arrived to come to Iron Man's rescue, to help recover stolen files AND discuss a mutual problem of theirs: alcoholism. Unluckily for Tony... she can't keep spoilers to herself.

In case fans have missed it, Tony has been off in a virtual world called the eScape for a while now--briefly taking a break during the War of The Realms to battle a fire-breathing dragon of his own. While in digital form, Tony battled his inner demons, and even started drinking again (virtually). But after leaving that world behind, he still has the urge to drink, and decides to do something drastic about it. Knowing that he is, in fact, just a digital copy of his former self, his memories can be erased as easily as a hard drive. So that's exactly what he did: wiping himself clean and sober... and things have only gone from bad to worse since.

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In the process, Tony potentially wiped the last few episodes of Game of Thrones from his memory, too. While Spymaster is controlling all of Tony's suits, having acquired his erased memories and passcodes, Tony explains to Carol that they need to knock out the central control node, after which point all of his controlled drones should cease to function. Carol offers up what is, in her defense, a well-known and timely analogy, comparing the domino effect to the way Arya killed the Night King in Game of Thrones... which Tony has yet to see. No wonder everybody hates Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel Spoils Game of Thrones Iron Man

Every Game of Thrones fan will know this is a major moment, and something that should not be spoiled for other fans. Although many fans felt that the final season of Game of Thrones was disappointing, most of the series was undeniably leading up the Night King's death, and what that would both cost, and mean for the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros. Carol points out to Tony that he possibly lost the good with the bad--and tries to explain that everything is worth holding on to. That wiping out memories will not fix everything--good advice for Thrones fans in particular.

A slip like this from Carol could have easily caused another deadly Civil War battle to breakout between the two of them. Is it worse to put someone in a coma, or reveal a major spoiler for the end of a long running series? That might just be a toss up... Now we can't help but wonder how many of our favorite super heroes have been watching Game of Thrones -- and what did THEY think about that controversial ending?

Tony Stark: Iron Man #14 is on sale now at your local comic shop, and online from Marvel Comics.

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