Captain Marvel's 'Peaceful' Skrulls Come To Comics, Too

Captain Marvel Movie Twist Skrulls

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain MarvelWar of The Realms: Journey Into Mystery #2

The Skrulls have been around in Marvel Comics for years, but were just recently brought into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with Captain Marvel. However, these were not the evil, power hungry, want-to-take-over-the-world Skrulls that fans know and love from the comic books.

The MCU version were actually peace-seeking Skrulls who just wanted safe refuge from their cosmic enemies. But in The War of the Realms: Journey Into Mystery comic miniseries, some of Marvel's superheroes have stumbled upon a similar re-imagining within the comic universe: a group of Skrulls that just want to live their lives in peace on Earth. Of course... they're still willing to kill for it.

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Readers of the series know that Odin and Freyja have an infant child (who is of course Thor's sister) named Laussa. She is currently being guarded by Balder, Spider-Man, Hawkeye, Death Locket, Wonder Man, the sorcerer Sebastian Druid, and Thor's dog, Thori. They're working to keep her hidden and secreted away from Malekith and the Queen of Cinders wreaking havoc on the world in the larger War of the Realms, and getting in to all sorts of trouble along the way. With the God of War himself, Ares, hot on their tails, they find the perfect place for a pit stop: an RV Campground.

Captain Marvel Comic Good Skrulls

The RV Campground is home to some lovely old people who immediately invite our heroes to a campfire sing-along. However, things go a little sideways when Sol--who seems to be a sweet old man--gets burned by an ember of the fire. He shows his true form as a shape-shifting Skrull, and given their history in the Marvel Universe the heroes have every reason to immediately arm themselves for a coming fight to the death. Balder punches out Sol, and the rest of the group transforms, ready to protect their own along with the lives they have worked to build in secret. A small battle ensues, and readers slowly realize that these Skrulls have been completely off the grid for years now (which is obvious by the many '80s and '90s references the aliens use during the fight).

Eventually the Skrulls' infamous 'secret invasion,' the story that revealed how Skrulls hid in pain sight as superheroes and planned to take over the world, is brought up. Sol then admits that these particular survivors "wanted no part of Queen Veranke's crazy invasion" and Flo (the older woman Skrull) admits that once the war passed, they realized they loved their new life too much to leave it behind. So much so, that they would be willing to kill for it.

Grandparent Skrulls Marvel Comic

Fortunately all this fighting has caused baby Laussa to stir, and Death Locket carries her outside to yell at everyone for this actual crime. One look at that adorable little baby girl, and the Skrulls revert to their adorable grandparent selves, showering her with affection and baby talk. It may have taken Captain Marvel to re-imagine the average Skrull as something other than a sinister race of spies, but the comics have obviously taken the ball and run with it. Fans may not like the update, but lest we forget, Captain Marvel's Skrulls were actually more faithful to their comic origins, anyway.

Will these Skrulls help our heroes in The War of the Realms, or just live their lives as old adorable grandparents, off the grid? For now, we'll bet on the latter.

War Of The Realms: Journey Into Mystery #2 is on sale now from Marvel online, and at your local comic shop.

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