Captain Marvel Makes The MCU Skrulls BETTER Than The Comics

Captain Marvel Movie Twist Skrulls

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel.

The massive box office of Captain Marvel confirms it's a hit for the MCU, but it may be the Skrulls of the movie that end up the biggest winners. After years of being painted as villains in the comics, General Talos and his shapeshifters are finally getting some justice.

Based on the marketing for the movie, the roles of the alien races seemed clearly in line with the comics: Carol Danvers and the Kree = good. Green and pointy-eared Skrulls = bad. How can you ever trust a shapeshifter, right? But by now, Captain Marvel's biggest twist is known by most fans: the Skrulls are the victims of the Kree, hunted down as refugees to complete a cosmic genocide. One that Carol Danvers of Earth has been fighting from the wrong side.

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Don't let anyone tell you it's changing the Captain Marvel comic history, either. Because the revelation that the universe is wrong about the Skrulls may be a surprise, but thanks to Marvel Comics, it's one long, long overdue. Thank goodness the movie did the right thing.

Skrulls Didn't Start The War With The Kree

Since the first thing that an investigating comic book fan would learn about the Skrulls is the same description given to Carol by Yon-Rogg, the twist is going to seem like a retcon, or a change made for the movies. In fact, those viewing Captain Marvel with an unfairly critical eye could claim it as a defiance of the Marvel source material. But regardless of what the war between the Kree and Skrulls became, it doesn't change the intentions and aggression of how their conflict began. And make no mistake: it was the Kree who shot first, and dedicated themselves to eradicating the Skrulls out of vengeance, not self-preservation or galactic peace-keeping.

In their earliest origin story, the comics described the Skrulls as an intelligent, peaceful empire intent on spreading trade and diplomacy to every new, populated world they encountered. What Yon-Rogg describes as deception - Skrulls adopting the appearance of a native species to infiltrate and gather intelligence - served that purpose, and allowed introductions to run more peacefully. Until they stumbled across the planet Hala, homeworld of the brutal, war-loving, and primitive race dubbed the Kree... and their peaceful, tree-like neighbors the Cotati.

The Kree Were Born From Hatred & Death

To select which race would ally with the Skrulls first, the diplomats issued a challenge to see which species shared their kind, productive, and peaceful nature. Given a year to turn a lifeless moon into a home, the Kree destroyed to create a home (admittedly, an impressive one). But when the Skrulls saw how the Cotati had cultivated life to turn their moon into a garden, the choice was clear.

Proving that they were absolutely not the right culture or society the Skrulls were hoping would add to their multicultural network, the Kree responded by slaughtering the Cotati, as well as the Skrull diplomats who had made first contact. The new Kree was born, and used the technology of the Skrulls to forge their own empire.

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