Captain Marvel: Skrull Character Descriptions Emerge

New character descriptions for Captain Marvel have arrived, teasing some of the Skrulls villains the hero will face in 2019's film.

Character descriptions for Captain Marvel have arrived, possibly teasing some of the Skrulls that Carol Danvers could be going up against in the film. With Captain Marvel set to shoot early next year, more and more information about the film has been pouring in as production gears up. Since this summer, we've known the film would take place in the '90s and use the Kree-Skrull War from the comics as its backdrop. Furthermore, but Samuel L. Jackson is supposedly returning as a young Nick Fury to help bring the film's new hero up to speed. The past few weeks, meanwhile, have seen a number of big announcements regarding the cast of the film.

After word broke recently that Ben Mendelsohn was cast in the film, we learned this week that Kree warrior Yon-Rogg will be the Captain Marvel villain. Mendelsohn has denied the casting, but multiple sites seem sure he's attached to the film. On the heroic end of the Kree spectrum, we learned last week that Jude Law is playing Mar-Vell in movie, who predates Carol Danvers as the original Captain Marvel. We're not sure what his role in the film will be yet, but he's said to be a mentor to Brie Larson's character. Of course, the Kree won't be the only aliens in Captain Marvel, as the film will finally introduce the Skrulls to the MCU.

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That Hashtag Show has uncovered some character descriptions for Captain Marvel, which they believe point to some of them main Skrulls we'll meet in the film. Check them out below along with speculation as to who they could be from the comics.

[Alpha] Female, 20-49. Fight experience. Dance or gymnastics preferred.

[Delta] Male, 20-49. Must be over 6' tall, broad shouldered and muscular.

[Supporting Male #2] Male, 35-45, a chiseled, cocky guy who is large in stature, but not as big as Delta.

THS seems fairly certain that Supporting Male #2 is Titannus, a powerful Super Skrull from the comics. We already saw what's assumed to be concept art for a Super Skrull earlier this year, and that could very well be the large character described above. The character also has an arc that sees him head to Tokyo to fight the Avengers, something that could play into Avengers 4 which we know is shooting partially in Japan.

As for Alpha and Delta, THS believes they could be Princess Anelle and Dorrek VII, respectively. Both were crucial players in the Kree-Skrull War from the comics, with Dorrek ruling his race and Anelle his daughter. Anelle also had Mar-Vell's child in the arc, which kicked off the whole war between the longtime rivals in the first place. Given the information available and the plot of the story in the comics, it seems a safe bet that both Anelle and Dorrek will be in Captain Marvel. And if these descriptions are for the main Skrulls in the movie, it's likely they refer to the two comic characters. With more information coming out weekly as Captain Marvel heads towards it production start date, we should have some definitive answers soon.

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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