Captain Marvel Scene Description Teases Starforce Mission on Planet Torfa

Captain Marvel and the entire Starforce team go on a mission on the planet Torfa in a new scene description from the upcoming 2019 MCU movie.

Brie Larson's Carol Danvers leads the Starforce on a mission in the first scene description from Captain Marvel. As far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe is concerned, all eyes have been turned to the next film. Larson stars in Marvel Studios' first female-led movie, and the first look at Larson suited up and the movie has arrived. Along with the images have come plenty of brand new details about Captain Marvel. For starters, Danvers isn't on Earth when the film begins, as she's instead part of a skilled military team of Kree known as Starforce.

The team was part of the focus for the first Captain Marvel images, as they unveiled the entire lineup for the team. Jude Law's mysterious character leads the team, but Captain Marvel takes charge in the field. Familiar faces like Ronan the Accuser (Lee Pace) and Korath the Pursuer (Djimon Hounsou) are joined by new characters. The team comes together for a mission in a brand new scene description.

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EW's Captain Marvel heavy issue hit stands a few days ago and fans are sharing additional information the outlet hasn't shared in their several stories. Marvel_Freshman shared a photo of the pages from the issue that includes a scene description from EW's set visit. The scene may have been filmed in California, but it is the planet Torfa in Captain Marvel. The film visits the planet as part of a Starforce mission, but it isn't going as smoothly as they like. Fog has clouded their view and interfered with the team's communicators. They're searching for a missing spy and despite the danger, Carol is the first one to leap into action once Jude Law's character gives the go-ahead.

There's no additional context for the scene, but it's exciting to hear how a scene in Captain Marvel is going to play out - especially while fans wait to get the first trailer. This, hopefully, isn't the only scene with the Starforce in action either. The missing spy's identity isn't clear, but it could perhaps be a rescue mission for their own teammate. There's also the threat of the Skrulls potentially looming, so what or who Starforce are rescuing this spy from also isn't known.

Torfa meanwhile looks to be joining the MCU's growing list of planets. It first appeared in the pages of a Captain Marvel comic, more specifically Captain Marvel #2. This is the second issue from Kelly Sue DeConnick, which is one of the more popular and best received solo Captain Marvel series. It's a relatively new creation as a result, so it's possible Captain Marvel will really flesh out the world and make it on its own. Depending on when this sequence takes place, it's possible the upcoming Captain Marvel trailer will actually show some footage from this scene.

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Source: EW

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