Captain Marvel: Gemma Chan Returns As Minn-Erva for Reshoots

Captain Marvel star Gemma Chan, who plays Starforce member Minn-Erva in the film, confirms she's back on set to take part in the reshoots.

Captain Marvel star Gemma Chan confirms she's back on the film's set for the reshoots. As fans impatiently wait for when Marvel Studios will unveil the first wave of marketing materials for the hotly-anticipated Avengers 4, the company is putting the finishing touches on their first blockbuster of 2019. Principal photography on Captain Marvel wrapped over the summer (coincidentally, on the same day Ant-Man and the Wasp premiered in theaters), but as has become standard on Hollywood tentpoles, additional work is required before final picture is locked.

Just a week ago, set photos revealed Captain Marvel's Brie Larson and Clark Gregg were partaking in pickups, signaling the next wave of filming was well underway. It's unknown how long a period Marvel set aside for the reshoots, but they've called upon more members of the stacked ensemble, as Chan has returned to reprise her role of Minn-Erva.

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The actress took to her official Twitter account to share a photo of her hand balled up into a fist, showcasing part of her character's Starforce costume. Check out the post in the space below:

Members of Starforce (including Minn-Erva) have been glimpsed in early Captain Marvel marketing materials, such as the teaser trailer and still images. However, these materials primarily focused on familiarizing audiences with Carol Danvers (Larson), introducing the franchise's newest hero to general moviegoers. While die-hard fans of the source material can't wait to see Starforce in action on the big screen, this strategy makes a lot of sense. Carol, of course, is set to have a huge future in the MCU, helping the surviving members of Earth's Mightiest defeat Thanos in Avengers 4. Marvel needs people to be on-board with Larson's heroine, and based on the initial responses, they already are.

Surely, any upcoming promotional items will attempt to shed more light on Starforce and the dynamic of the full team, so it'll be interesting to see how the various personalities mesh together. In EW's cover story on Captain Marvel from earlier this year, Chan described Minn-Erva as "the star of Starforce" before Carol joins the group. Since there's still much to learn about the movie's supporting characters, it's difficult to accurately predict how their relationship will pan out over the course of the adventure, but hopefully it'll be a worthy angle to explore. The MCU is no stranger to memorable side players, so there's no reason why Captain Marvel won't be able to add to that legacy and give fans some more favorites to obsess over.

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