Captain Marvel's [Spoiler] Should Lead The Future Avengers

Captain Marvel Monica Rambeau as Spectrum

There's no telling when the adult version of Captain Marvel's Monica Rambeau will appear in the MCU, but when she does, we could be seeing the future leader of Earth's Mightiest Heroes... at least if the Avengers comics are any indication.

Monica's leadership skills are on full display in Avengers: No Road Home #7--a reminder to fans of how much Monica has always brought, and continues to bring to any team. In the comics, Monica Rambeau is a superhero with the ability to transform into any form of energy in the electromagnetic spectrum. Though currently going by the name "Spectrum," Monica was actually the second Marvel hero to take the name "Captain Marvel," holding it more than thirty years prior to Carol Danvers taking the name in 2012. Good thing she's already in the MCU.

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An 11-year-old Monica (played by Akira Akbar) was introduced in Captain Marvel, as the daughter of Carol's best friend, Maria Rambeau (Lashana Lynch). In the movie, Monica is the character who chooses Carol's red-and-blue color scheme for her costume. In the world of the comics, Monica is saving the world. In Avengers: No Road Home #7, the Avengers (joined by Conan the Barbarian) continue their fight with Nyx, the Queen of the Night. Nyx, who is proving to be the The Avengers' strongest villain yet, has so far given Earth's Mightiest Heroes everything they can handle. Since the group of heroes doesn't have an official leader, Spectrum rises to the task and takes charge.

Spectrum in Avengers Comic Fight

In the heat of battle, Spectrum doesn't hesitate to bark orders to Vision, Scarlet Witch, Hercules, and even Conan. Each of them acknowledges her commands, even though she was never asked to lead. This ability to command respect from some of Earth's most powerful heroes has long been one of Monica's most important qualities.

In the early 1980s, Monica started her superhero career as a rookie Avenger surrounded by stronger and more experienced heroes. Through trial and error, Monica evolved to a point where she was eventually elected to become the leader of the Avengers. During her time on the team, Monica was even able to gain the respect of both Namor the Sub-Mariner and Hercules, who were both willing to follow her into battle without question.

It's possible that a future Marvel movie could introduce a version of Monica Rambeau who possesses the leadership skills of her comic book counterpart. It's worth noting that the movie dropped a fun reference to Monica's powers when Nick Fury tells her that she needs to "learn how to glow" before she can be like Carol. For Marvel's next generation of heroes, Monica Rambeau may be the leader the MCU needs.

Avengers: No Road Home #7 is available now from Marvel Comics.

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