Captain Marvel's Poster Has A Chewie Easter Egg

The Captain Marvel movie poster features a Chewie Easter egg, referencing Carol Danvers' cat (that's actually an alien called a Flerken) from the Marvel comics. Brie Larson debuts as Carol Danvers in Marvel Studios' first release of 2019 when Captain Marvel hits theaters in March. The film will serve as the 21st movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as well as the first to be co-directed by a woman and the first movie headlined solely by a female superhero. Because of the firsts it represents, and because Carol Danvers is a beloved character from the Marvel Comics, many fans are eagerly anticipating the theatrical release of Captain Marvel.

Previously, fans received very little insight into what to expect from Captain Marvel. We knew the movie would take place in the 90s and it would depict the Kree-Skrull war. Earlier this month, a magazine cover offered fans their first official look at Larson in costume as Captain Marvel, while an additional gallery of photos confirmed the identities of other comic book characters that will appear. Now, the first Captain Marvel movie trailer is out, and Marvel Studios released the film's teaser poster to go along with it. However, while there's plenty to breakdown in the Captain Marvel trailer, for eagle-eyed fans there's also a fun Easter egg in the poster itself.

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In the bottom left corner of the Captain Marvel movie poster, something can be seen in the shadows of the hanger in which Carol is standing. Upon closer inspection, it appears to be the tail end of an orange cat - but technically, it's not a cat at all. This cat-like creature is a clear reference to Captain Marvel's "cat" Chewie from the comics, the superhero's companion that's actually a Flerken. Take a look at the Captain Marvel poster Easter egg below.

In the comics, Flerken are a dangerous alien species that resemble Earth housecats. However, where Flerken are different is they have tentacles that sprout from their mouths (in the comics Chewie's are purple) and lay eggs. Further, Flerken are smarter than the average housecat and can travel instantaneously between dimensions. Chewie was introduced to the Captain Marvel comics in 2006, when she was still Ms. Marvel, and the feline-like friend of the superhero has become a fan-favorite among comics readers.

It hadn't yet been officially confirmed whether Chewie will appear in Captain Marvel. A photo Nick Fury actor Samuel L. Jackson posted of the film's cast and crew shirt featured a cat and many presumed it meant Chewie would join Carol on her solo adventure. Now, however, the poster Easter egg may be confirmation of the Flerken's involvement in the movie. Of course, it's unclear just how much Chewie may appear in the movie, but in any capacity it will be a fun nod to the comics that fans will surely appreciate. Fans will just have to wait and see when Captain Marvel debuts early next year.

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