Captain Marvel's Post-Credits Scene Almost Tied Into Thor: Ragnarok

Captain Marvel Thor Ragnarok

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel

The post-credits scene for Captain Marvel almost included a visit to Thor: Ragnarok's gladiator planet Sakaar. Marvel Studios' twenty-first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already proving to be a big hit at the box office, as audiences are flocking to the Brie Larson-led film. The non-traditional origin story is largely separated from the main MCU narrative thanks to it taking place in 1995, but Captain Marvel still found plenty of ways to connect itself to other films.

One of the biggest surprises of the film for many will be the inclusion of the Tesseract. The powerful cube has since been revealed to be the Space Stone, but it's been used for much more than just helping Thanos pull off the Decimation. The Tesseract was used by Red Skull and S.H.I.E.L.D. to build weapons, and also opened up a portal into space for the Chitauri to invade Earth. But, it was also the MacGuffin of Captain Marvel, as it gave Carol Danvers her powers and made light speed travel possible. In order to keep it safe from the Kree though, the cat-like Flerken known as Goose had to swallow it.

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The post-credits scene for Captain Marvel showed Goose eventually coughing up the Tesseract and spitting it onto Nick Fury's desk. It's a comedic moment to end the film on, but it wasn't the only idea that was considered. During Empire's spoiler-filled interview with directors Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, they asked what other scenes could've been used to close the film. Fleck revealed one alternate scene gave some closure to Jude Law's Yon-Rogg and tied the film to Thor: Ragnarok.

There was an idea on the table about having Jude Law […] emerge from his pod on Sakaar, and then have him look around and see the Devil's Anus behind him and wonder, 'Where the hell am I?'

Captain Marvel with Nick Fury and Talos

This sounds like an idea that was considered but never actually filmed, but this would've been quite an exciting way for Captain Marvel to end. Instead of leaving Yon-Rogg's fate largely unknown after Carol blasts him back to the Kree's home planet Hala, this post-credits scene would show that he never made it back there. Since Yon-Rogg is formidable in combat and is sly enough to get his way, he may have been able to fit in well with Sakaar. It would still have raised the question of what happened to him after Captain Marvel as he never became champion of Sakaar and wasn't seen in Ragnarok, but he could just be outside the main story or even have died in combat.

As fun as this post-credits scene may have been, the one with Goose is undeniably cleaner and simpler. But, if this was an idea that Boden and Fleck and the rest of the Captain Marvel team considered, it's still possible that they could return to this. This does show that there's no guarantee that Yon-Rogg gets back to Hala and delivers Carol's message to the Supreme Intelligence, so maybe his MCU future isn't as cut and dry as many fans have quickly guessed. Since none of this is actually shown in Captain Marvel, it will be up to future films and installments of this franchise to possibly explain Yon-Rogg's fate - whether it includes Sakaar or not.

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Source: Empire

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