Captain Marvel Gets NEW Origin Story Ahead of Movie

Before Captain Marvel joins the MCU, she's getting an updated comic book origin. How much will 'The Life of Captain Marvel' change?

The Life of Captain Marvel is giving Carol Danvers a new comic book origin story before her movie debut. Marvel has announced the new comic starring the cosmic heroine Captain Marvel as a part of the publisher's "Fresh Start" comics relaunch putting Marvel's biggest heroes into new spotlight comics.

The future of Captain Marvel may be brighter than ever, but before she can go forward, fans will be taken back to the beginning. The new series from writer Margaret Stohl and Carlos Pacheco will dive deep into the character's "true origin" - and see Carol Danvers revisit her past in a way that could change her world forever.

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The new series from Margaret Stohl follows her time writing The Mighty Captain Marvel. But as Stohl tells ABCNews, the opportunity to revisit the origins of the hero is "especially important," and to do it before Brie Larson's Captain Marvel movie hits theaters. The series will show a softer side of Carol Danvers while putting her origin story through "a different lens." However, Stohl notes that the series will be more of a "retelling" of her origin, and less of a reinvention.

As the official synopsis for The Life of Captain Marvel teases Carol's struggle with anxiety attacks, and the exploration of "skeletons in Captain Marvel's closet," Marvel Executive Editor Tom Brevoort promises a new origin story for fans to embrace as Captain Marvel's role gets bigger by the day:

"LIFE presents the origins of Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel in one place, and in a way we haven’t seen before. Margie’s pulled together all of the strands of Carol’s backstory to craft a tale that will no doubt become a seminal story about the character, and set her in place for her role in AVENGERS and elsewhere throughout the Marvel Universe."

Marvel has also released the first issue's cover art, by Julian Tedesco:

For the uninitiated, Carol Danvers' original origin story saw her receive superpowers after being caught in the explosion of a Kree device called the Psyche-Magnitron. She was rescued from the blast by the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell. Her close proximity to the Kree hero caused her genetic structure to blend with his. As a result, Carol gained his abilities and took on the costumed identity of 'Ms. Marvel.' Decades after Mar-Vell's death, Carol decided to honor him by taking on his name and costume. Carol Danvers' popularity shot to new heights as 'Captain Marvel,' and soon the hero will be starring in the MCU's "hilarious" Captain Marvel blockbuster.

This isn't the first time writers have tried to tweak or rework Carol's origin story. In Mighty Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell's role in the incident was greatly downplayed. The Psyche-Magnitron was mentioned, but Mar-Vell's presence in the ordeal was largely overlooked. In Captain Marvel #18, Carol was a damsel-in-distress who Mar-Vell had to rescue from his enemy, Yon-Rogg. It was Mar-Vell's heroics that caused Carol to gain Mar-Vell's Kree physiology and superpowers.

It's possible that Marvel Comics wants to get away from Carol's roots as a love interest and supporting character of Mar-Vell. The movie could take a similar approach as well, since set photos have confirmed Captain Marvel will wear a Kree soldier's uniform. Stohl admits that the series will have some things in common with the film (the movie's writer is also highlighting Captain Marvel's fun, action comedy attitude), but assures fans that the comic will be "its own thing."

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The Life of Captain Marvel #1 will arrive July 4th, 2018.

Source: ABC News, Marvel Comics

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