Captain Marvel's Official Site Is Pure '90s Nostalgia

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The official website for Captain Marvel fully embraces '90s nostalgia. Marvel Studios is a month away from releasing their first female-led superhero movie and the twenty-first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe overall. It will be Brie Larson who takes on this monumental task, bringing Carol Danvers to life, and while this will be her first appearance, Captain Marvel will not be a traditional superhero movie.

One way that Marvel is setting apart the last MCU movie to hit theaters before Avengers: Endgame is by making it take place over twenty years before. The film's official placement is in the year 1995, but audiences may get to see a wider range of the 1990s thanks to the flashbacks to Carol's pre-superhero life. Captain Marvel's marketing is making sure this is clear too, with era-appropriate music being featured in the trailers, Blockbuster, pagers, and more throughout.

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Marvel's marketing department has taken the '90s theme to the next level for Captain Marvel's official website to replicate the earlier days of the internet. The website holds an "Identify The Skrulls" game, official photos from the film, information on the various parties involved, and even some downloadable content. There's also a top secret section for Nick Fury that currently can not be accessed, possibly teasing some reveals to come. Visit the website to check out everything it has to offer, but you can see the homepage below in the meantime:

The launch of this website is a clever and fun promotional move for Captain Marvel, even if it doesn't hold any substantial new material so far. Marvel is still using traditional marketing techniques to sell the film too and recently debuted a new TV spot to celebrate the film only being a month away. The spot included new footage of Carol battling the Skrulls, which has so far only been teased a few times.

Every move Marvel is making for Captain Marvel points to it being on track to be another hit for the MCU - at least financially. The early projections for the film's opening weekend are north of $160 million, which would make it the second biggest opening for a first solo film in the MCU. Marvel appears to be fairly confident in the movie too, with reactions to the film set to arrive on social media in just over a week. The review embargo is being held a bit closer to the film's regular release date, but that could be a product of Marvel trying to prevent spoilers. The marketing campaign has been solid, but also not as straightforward as Marvel's usual plans, which could signal that plenty of surprises await viewers when Captain Marvel finally hits theaters.

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