Nick Fury's Pager In Captain Marvel Raises Infinity War Questions

Captain Marvel's first trailer showed the original look for Nick Fury's pager, raising some questions about its new purpose in Avengers: Infinity War.

The first trailer for Captain Marvel raises some questions in regards to Nick Fury's pager. Avengers: Infinity War's post-credits scene brought back the former S.H.I.E.L.D. director and provided audiences the first tease of what is to come following Thanos' snap, not just for Avengers 4 but in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. In Fury's final moments, he pulls out a pager to call for backup: Brie Larson as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. Her solo movie comes out just two months before Avengers 4 and Carol's being positioned as a major face for the MCU in the future.

Fans have been wondering ever since Infinity War's post-credits scene why Fury waited till this moment to contact Captain Marvel. The two will first meet in the 1990s set Captain Marvel, with Marvel utilizing their deaging technology to make Samuel L. Jackson look decades younger. While Fury has been a gateway into a larger universe for most of the MCU's biggest characters (and for audiences), it will be his encounter with Carol - the first superhero he meets - that opens his eyes. The trailer for Captain Marvel gave small looks at their relationship, but also set up the important device Fury uses in the present day.

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In the middle of Captain Marvel's trailer, Fury pulls out the same pager, albeit in an earlier form. The pager looks authentically from the 90s, but side-by-side comparisons of the glimpse in Captain Marvel's trailer and Avengers: Infinity War confirms they are the same one: both pagers have the exact same five buttons on the front and the overall layouts match. The major differences come in the upgrades it eventually receives.

Samuel L Jackson and Nick Fury in Avengers Infinity War

Although the origins of the technology isn't confirmed, Fury's pager has been significantly improved from its consumer origins. While he may be able to send and receive simple transmissions on Earth in Captain Marvel, by the time Thanos snaps half of the universe's population away, it can reach across space (or the Quantum Realm). These extra gadgets could be courtesy of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s own technological advances, but the more likely outcome is the pager has been infused with alien tech, specifically from the Kree courtesy of Carol. Some long-range, intergalactic capabilities have been added, as well as an upgraded screen to allow for Captain Marvel's red, blue, and yellow symbol to be received in Infinity War.

One potentially bigger question than how the pager gets these upgrades is when they happen. There's no context for the single shot of the pager from the Captain Marvel trailer, nor a sense of at what stage in the movie it appears. We know Fury works with Carol throughout Captain Marvel and winds up forming a friendship with her, but, Carol isn't going to stay on Earth after her solo adventure, so she may offer to upgrade Fury's pager to give him a way of contacting her, but only in case of emergencies.

It may also be possible that Carol and Fury are in contact with one another after Captain Marvel, and his pager is upgraded over time; this would mean Captain Marvel is visiting Earth from time-to-time between her emergence in 1995 and return in Avengers 4. However, that would make the pager defunct: Fury holding onto technology from the 90s surely indicates Carol leaves Earth after this adventure.

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Why Carol leaves Earth after Captain Marvel remains to be seen, but it is likely to be her decision. With that in mind, Carol offering Fury a pager that is capable of contacting her across the universe could be a nice closing to their first story.

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