Captain Marvel Theory: Carol's Mother is Secretly [SPOILER]

Was Carol's Mother Secretly a Kree Soldier?

Yes, it may sound crazy taken out of context, but if Annette Bening's role is intended to be small, but significant, then the reveal of Carol's part-Kree lineage may actually be the most straightforward answer. Both to the question of Marvel's motives in keeping her out of the marketing, and how Carol ends up with both human and Kree genes.

Believe it or not, that's what the Marvel Comics version of this story has revealed too, recently revealing that Captain Marvel's mother is a Kree soldier, and doing it by dropping her into Starforce armor of her own, to boot. That's hard to pass off as a coincidence, since the comic was described as the "definitive Captain Marvel origin story" and set to be released as hype was building for her MCU debut. In hindsight, it's hard to imagine Marvel would choose such a time to deliver a new, shocking, and completely different origin to the one fans will (hopefully) be picking up comic books to see, don't you think?

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Sure, Marvel Comics has done things that dumb in the past, but no company, nor comic book publisher is innocent of that crime. Still, it doesn't take long to realize how much the origin story of Carol is streamlined with this explanation. Not for the story it cuts out, replaces, or makes impossible for Marvel Studios, but for the doors it opens. Even for Marvel, the classic origin - in which Carol is bombarded by alien radiation from the explosion of a Pscyhe-Magnetron and infused with "stuff" from the nearby Kree that makes her a superhero - is a hard sell. Especially since they must also explain the source of her energy-based superpowers.

But explain that Carol was secretly half-human, half-Kree, and that mixture meant the explosion affected her differently than the other Kree? You're set.

Captain Marvel's Conflict Could Be Family, Not Galactic War

Captain Marvel Jude Law

Now that our conspiracy theorist hats are fully on, logic (and previous Marvel films) would suggest that the bombshell of Carol's Kree mother isn't the entire twist. Since Carol is already a member of the Kree military when the movie begins, finding out that her mother was a Kree who seemingly headed to Earth to Secretly mother a human child is a shock... but not all that impactful to her life. But if her mother isn't just a Kree soldier, but one of some importance - with a reason to keep her heritage, even her child a secret - then we have the makings of a conflict big enough to fuel the whole movie.

The secrecy surrounding another character once assumed to be obvious also has us suspecting that Jude Law is secretly Captain Marvel's villain, for reasons also being kept under wraps. Assuming that he plays a role in unleashing Carol's power, removing her memories, and placing her on his own team, potentially for purposes that are his own and not that of the Kree leadership... well, the secrets start to overlap. Are we suggesting that Jude Law's character is the father of Carol, whom her mother was fleeing? Not necessarily. But he's certainly the kind of vindictive and ruthless commander who would send a good Kree soldier running, and do who knows what to insure her unique, weaponized daughter serves him best.

Is our theory based on a desire to see Annette Bening take her place alongside Michael Douglas, Sylvester Stallone, Kurt Russell, and Michelle Pfeiffer as the older generation of Marvel heroes? Maybe. But it would make for one hell of a twist.

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