Captain Marvel Theory: Carol's Mother is Secretly [SPOILER]

Warning: Potential SPOILERS for Captain Marvel

There's no question that there's a shocking twist or two planned for Captain Marvel, based on how much the studio isn't showing. But could the biggest twist make Carol's Mother a key player in the movie, the Kree-Skrull War, and the larger MCU beyond?

That's a theory we've been building for some time, and after the first Captain Marvel trailer kept plenty of secrets, leaving Carol's childhood, family, powers, and connections to Earth a total mystery. So why is Marvel Studios keeping so much of the film's plot under wraps? There could be good reason for it, and anyone who would rather steer clear of spoiling it by reading our theory on Captain Marvel's mother... should stop reading now.

Somehow, Captain Marvel's DNA Becomes Half-Kree

Determining exactly how close to the comic books the Captain Marvel movie will stay is almost impossible, since the studio has made it clear that it won't be a traditional origin. That is, Carol will already be an adult on a mission when the audience meets her. All that's really being assumed so far is that in the movie, like the comics, it's a combination of human and Kree DNA in Carol's cells that allows her to wield and absorb cosmic energy.

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Even though the filmmakers are keeping cagey on just what they're changing, Carol's classic origin story is told in the Captain Marvel trailer, somewhat obscured by being broken up and shown out of sequence. But that doesn't mean it will be adapted to the letter, either (for reasons we'll address later, without getting bogged down in the alien comic book lore... probably for the same reasons Marvel Studios would prefer to avoid it). The point is: Carol's powers originate in a fusion of human DNA and Kree. No matter how that happens, the next chapter of Carol's story is even more obscure.

Carol's Shift From Earth To The Kree (and Back) is a Mystery

Captain Marvel Year Set

It follows that if the movie isn't starting with Carol's origin, she would mostly be appearing in her eventual Kree military uniform, with Earth in the rear view mirror. But the physical trauma Carol is shown ensuring in the trailer, not to mention beams of energy firing into her brain imply outside forces shaping her journey. The comic book stories have relied on brain injuries and memory loss to move Carol Danvers from Point A to Point B, so the highlighting of her brain does seem to confirm our own theories on how Carol Danvers joins the Kree army.

But in the portions of the trailer focused on her life on Earth, presumably living a more common existence, there's one character noticeably absent: Carol's Mother... or a parent, or family member at all. When it was first reported that Annette Bening had been cast as Captain Marvel's Mother, it was assumed she would play a significant role. So why keep an actress of Bening's caliber a secret?

There's a good reason why Marie Danvers would be keeping out of sight to both her daughter and movie fans... and the comics may have shown exactly why.

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