Captain Marvel Theory: Mar-Vell is Gender-Swapped as Carol's Mother

Warning: SPOILERS for The Life of Captain Marvel #4

The Captain Marvel movie is making major changes to the comic book version, which just might include getting rid of the Kree hero Mar-Vell who gives Carol her powers - and having her MOTHER fill the role instead.

Believe it or not, that would actually make the Captain Marvel trailers a bit easier to decipher. It's speculation on our part, but the theory shouldn't surprise anyone when they learn about the changes Marvel Comics just made to Carol Danvers' origin story. And it shouldn't worry too many fans either, since it helps smooth over one of the hardest-to-sell origin stories Marvel could adapt. While making it an even stronger story for its title heroine, and the audience demanding more women of power in the MCU.

They just didn't know that Captain Marvel's mom would be one of the most powerful Kree warriors of all.

Marvel Just Made Carol's Mom a Kree Warrior

We'll get to the previous, classic comic book origin of Captain Marvel shortly, but fans should first know about the recent changes made in the comics. When it was announced that a new Captain Marvel origin would precede the movie, we knew it would be no coincidence - giving movie fans a recent "fresh start" comic to buy after seeing the movie is a common practice. And since Marvel has rebooted its heroes closer and closer to their movie versions of late, it was presumed that writer Margaret Stohl's new Life of Captain Marvel and its new, canonical origin would give some insight into the film.

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But nobody was ready for the bombshell twist, revealing Captain Marvel's mother was secretly Kree, the super-strong, flying race of alien warriors (to which Guardians of the Galaxy's Ronan belongs). Now Marvel has confirmed it was no false reveal, with The Life of Captain Marvel #4 telling the new origins of Marie Danvers. Raised and trained to be one of the Kree's best and brightest, and sent to Earth to blend into the crowd. But she did more than just blend in.

She met Carol's father, fell in love, and decided to start a family. When it became clear that their daughter Car-Ell (or Carol, meaning "Champion" in Kree) had inherited her mother's super-strength and not much else due to her half-human genes, Marie decided to cut her ties to the Kree, and make a home on Earth. And so the secrets and lies began, until this comic flashback - and a Kree attacker - forced Marie to unveil herself, and tell Carol the whole truth.

And if fans have been trying to figure out what kind of origin story is being teased in the Captain Marvel trailers thus far... this new origin may be a perfect fit.

Captain Marvel Trailers Hint at This New Origin

It would be an understatement to say that the first Captain Marvel trailer wasn't what many fans expected. The filmmakers had been clear that the movie wouldn't be an origin story, and the story focusing heavily on Carol as a member of the Kree military alone proves their claim. But it raises questions about the glimpses of that classic Captain Marvel origin, one of which is shown above. How does the explosion that gave Carol her powers fit - without even the slightest glimpse of Mar-Vell, the missing ingredient in the birth of her powers?

To get those answers means weighing the evidence, and seeing how it fits this new Marvel origin based on Carol's mother. Especially since we know the actress playing her... and now, why Marvel may be keeping her role as the origin of Carol's powers a secret.

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