Captain Marvel Meets With Supreme Intelligence In New Movie Clip

A new clip from Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel shows Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) meeting the Supreme Intelligence, the leader of the Kree.

A new clip from Captain Marvel introduces Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) to the Supreme Intelligence. Marvel Studios is officially in the home stretch of promoting their first female led superhero movie. Captain Marvel will be out in theaters in two weeks following a long marketing campaign that continues to share new content on a daily basis.

The bulk of the marketing is already done with three trailers released, many posters, and now the beginning of new clips and TV spots. It has done wonders for the excitement levels surrounding Captain Marvel, with pre-sale ticket numbers continuing to climb higher. The anticipation should only continue to rise too as Disney has begun screening the movie to members of the press and critics. The early reactions to Captain Marvel have so far been very positive, with the promise of multiple surprises in store.

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One of the biggest mysteries surrounding the film has been the identity of Annette Bening's character, and thanks to her interview with The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she has finally confirmed that she's playing the Supreme Intelligence. She describes the Kree leader as a "god-like entity" who is made up of the most brilliant Kree minds of the last million years. In addition to discussing her role, she also brought a new clip from Captain Marvel with her that shows Vers, what Carol's called by the Kree, meeting with Supreme Intelligence.

It was previously theorized that Bening could be playing Supreme Intelligence in Captain Marvel, and it was a children's tie-in book that gave the first piece of confirmation that this was the case. This clip and interview however is the first instance of someone directly tied to the movie confirming it. Bening mentions that this scene takes place in a virtual chamber where Supreme Intelligence is preparing Carol for battle. That said, the combination of Bening's interview and the clip make it clear that there is more going on.

Bening mentioned that she was somewhat confused by the script and her character initially, but that it will be easy to see why this is the case once everyone sees the movie. While Bening is playing Supreme Intelligence, it may just be that there is another aspect to the character or it's motives that we do not yet know. Additionally, the clip ends with Intelligence mentioning that there is so much Carol does not remember, and it has bene theorized before that the Kree may not be an entirely trustworthy race either, just like the Skrulls. After all, they could be responsible for erasing Carol's memories of Earth and making her believe she's a born Kree warrior. So, even though we have confirmation on one aspect of Captain Marvel, there are still plenty of questions that still need to be answered and will be in just two weeks.

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Source: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

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