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Jude Law's Devout Warrior

Even though Marvel is being quite secretive about Law's character, the actor was able to unveil some details. He described his Kree as a "devout warrior," and based on images, he seems to be closely aligned with Ronan. Viewers of Guardians of the Galaxy known Ronan was a bit of a fanatic, so it'll be interesting to see if Law has similar extremist views - which could inspire a change of heart in Carol.

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With the character's identity still a mystery, fans have been left to their own devices to piece the puzzle together themselves. One popular theory that's emerged is he's actually the Kree villain Yon-Rogg, making him the film's secret antagonist. It wouldn't be the first time Marvel made a mentor figure the enemy of the titular hero (it's a trick they pulled off in the first Iron Man back in the day), and time will tell if they've revisited that angle here.

Honoring Black Panther's Legacy

When Black Panther opened in early 2018, it was a game changer for the MCU and the film industry as a whole. It represented an important step forward for representation on the big screen, portraying a collection of interesting and complex characters that viewers all around the globe responded positively to. Even villain Killmonger became a fan-favorite, with many moviegoers understanding his point of view. It raised the bar for what's expected, and the makers of Captain Marvel hope to continue the trend.

Lynch, who as indicated earlier plays Maria Rambeau, told EW that Black Panther inspired her approach to Captain Marvel. She wants people to know that all African-American characters in the MCU will be "represented positively" and "represented accurately." Lynch hopes her Maria is just as relatable as the people in Black Panther.

Captain Marvel In Avengers 4

The post-credits scene in Infinity War ended with Nick Fury sending out a distress signal for Captain Marvel, setting the stage for Carol's return to Earth in Avengers 4. While the MCU is going to have to explain Danvers' absence in the first 20 movies of the series, many fans are excited to see her team up with Earth's Mightiest and defeat Thanos. There's already plenty of fan art online, imagining how the confrontation will play out next summer.

Considering Captain Marvel is the most powerful hero in the MCU, it shouldn't come as any surprise that her arrival will be "change of the balance" and help level the playing field. The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy weren't able to stop Thanos, so extra help definitely isn't going to hurt. It should be fun to see Carol go toe-to-toe with the Mad Titan, as well as play off her fellow heroes.

Marvel's Female Future

MCU All-Female Team Up

Ideally, the Captain Marvel film will be another critical and commercial success for the MCU, since they have a lot invested in it. If it all goes according to plan, Carol will be part of the new wave of characters carrying the franchise into Phase 4 and beyond. But if Captain Marvel is a hit, it could represent another seismic change for the MCU as a whole. Kevin Feige is ready for female superheroes to take the spotlight.

The EW coverage included a quote from Feige, where he expressed a desire for women leading comic book films to stop becoming a "novelty." Last year's Wonder Woman proved there was an audience for these stories, grossing $821.8 million worldwide. It's too early to tell if Captain Marvel can reach that mark, but if it does well, it could open the opportunity for the in-demand Black Widow film, and maybe an all-female team up movie.


We'll continue to update this space with more details as they roll out.

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Source: EW

Key Release Dates
  • Captain Marvel (2019) release date: Mar 08, 2019
  • The Avengers 4 / Avengers: Endgame (2019) release date: Apr 26, 2019
  • Spider-Man: Far From Home (2019) release date: Jul 02, 2019
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