Captain Marvel Stars Are Dressed for the '90s in New Set Photos

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Brie Larson rocks the appropriate 90s attire for Carol Danvers in new set photos from Captain Marvel. Marvel Studios is bucking their normal approach to the placement of Marvel Cinematic Universe films in Phase 3. Instead of the movies taking place chronologically, they're jumping around and coexisting in some instances. The biggest example of this is the decision to introduce Carol Danvers nearly 30 years in the past, by placing Captain Marvel in the 1990s. She'll be the first hero Nick Fury ever encounters, before she heads to space to fight in the Kree-Skrull war.

The period piece approach to Captain Marvel isn't only taking the MCU to a decade that's primed for stories; it also allows them to bring back familiar faces. The official cast announcement confirmed that Phil Coulson, Ronan the Accuser, and Korath will be appearing as their younger selves, just like Fury. Fans previously caught a glimpse at how the '90s setting would impact Carol with early set photos showing Larson with a haircut in the vein of Rachel from Friends.

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Not only is that hairstyle back, but new set photos offer up Larson's very '90s look. Photos shared by Captain Marvel News show Danvers' interests. She can be seen below sporting a leather jacket with a Nine Inch Nails t-shirt, as well as a sleeveless Guns N' Roses tee. We can also see her in an Air Force shirt. Additionally, the final photos offer up a look at Lashana Lynch - whose role is still unconfirmed.

#CaptainMarvel production is on fireeee! Brie Larson on set - March 26th, 2018! #

— Captain Marvel News? (@CaptMarvelNews) March 28, 2018

By Hala! CAROL!! rocking 90’s style on the set of #CaptainMarvel, baby! ?? cheeeck that USAF shirt! Ooh my god.

— Captain Marvel News? (@CaptMarvelNews) March 29, 2018

Mooooree because we must admire our badass #CaptainMarvel wearing a casual Guns N Roses tee! ????

— Captain Marvel News? (@CaptMarvelNews) March 29, 2018

And here’s Lashana Lynch first pics on the set of #CaptainMarvel!

— Captain Marvel News? (@CaptMarvelNews) March 29, 2018

The photos unfortunately don't offer any new details for Captain Marvel, but do give us a look at Carol's personal life. Her taste in music definitely skews towards the grunge rock scene that was so popular at the time. Hopefully, that means that Marvel will infuse Captain Marvel with rock hits from the late '80s and early '90s. They've had great success in giving Guardians of the Galaxy great soundtracks, and with Captain Marvel also being a space adventure, it would certainly be fun to see Carol fighting aliens in space to some popular tunes.

With Captain Marvel now officially in production, these shouldn't be the final photos that leak from the film's set. An image of Captain Marvel wearing a costume with her traditional colors has yet to appear, but that could change in the foreseeable future. Regardless of what Larson is wearing though, she should be a great fit for Carol. Her co-star Ben Mendelsohn already thinks she's perfect for the role - and hopefully, we will soon get some information on who he is playing too.

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Source: Captain Marvel News

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