Captain Marvel & Nick Fury Become Compatriots, Says Samuel L. Jackson

Nick Fury and Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel star Samuel L. Jackson revealed that his character Nick Fury and title character Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) will be "compatriots" in the upcoming and latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Considering that Fury's last act before being dusted by Thanos' snap in Avengers: Infinity War is to presumably alert Captain Marvel to the threat, this isn't altogether surprising.

Captain Marvel is set to release in March, which is a little less than two months before Avengers: Endgame drops, and will serve as an origin story for Carol Danvers. It will also be the MCU's second foray into the past, as Captain Marvel will take place in 1995. Additionally, it will explore Danvers first meeting with a pre-SHIELD Fury and presumably shape that character into the eye-patch-wearing hardened man fans have come to know and love. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige has previously confirmed that Captain Marvel is the strongest hero in the MCU, but in the confines of the story, what leads Fury to make signaling her his last act?

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During a visit to the Captain Marvel set, Jackson sat down with Screen Rant and potentially added some context to Fury's actions by revealing that his character and Danvers become something of "compatriots" during their time together. While Jackson admits that Fury is initially distrustful of her, wondering if she is who she actually appears to be, considering the other aliens in the have the ability to shapeshift and deceive, the two become something akin to friends. Jackson expounds on this, revealing:

Captain Marvel Young Nick Fury

"So during the course of interacting with her, they do become compatriots. They have a shared sense of humor. He's open to the difference in what she may be and what she may not be. And he's definitely willing to help her explore what she needs to find out to find out who she is and what and how she came to be."

Again, considering Fury's final act, it's not surprising that the character ends up trusting Danvers during his time with her in Captain Marvel. But it also can perhaps explain something a little more relevant to the rest of the MCU: the formation of the Avengers. Perhaps during Captain Marvel Fury witnesses Danvers' incredible strength and heroic tendencies against an alien force and this is his later inspiration in bringing similar characters together to fight similar foes. The Captain Marvel trailer itself hints at this and it's not the first time such a theory has been posited. Jackson's own words seem to further hint at this but nothing is known for certain until Captain Marvel's release.

Either way, Captain Marvel remains an interesting experiment for the MCU, going back in time to tell an origin story who hasn't thus far made a present day appearance in the comics universe. Presumably, Captain Marvel will provide a logical and consistent answer to why Danvers has been gone so long and a good reason for why she answers Fury's call and returns for the events of Avengers: Endgame. Again, fans will just have to wait for both films to release a little later this year for concrete answers.

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