Captain Marvel: Lee Pace 'Excited' to Return as Ronan

Lee Pace is bringing Ronan the Accuser back for Captain Marvel, and he couldn't be happier. First introduced to moviegoers in 2014's Guardians of the Galaxy, Ronan appeared to take the typical route for Marvel Cinematic Universe villains. With the focus of the film understandably turning towards the heroes, the Kree radical took a backseat. Despite Pace giving it his all when he had the chance, Ronan was still viewed by many as the weakest part of James Gunn's space opera.

This came as a disappointment to those who were fans of Ronan in the comics, and his death in the movie seemed to signal a short run for him. But, the official cast for Captain Marvel featured a few surprises, including the return of Ronan. This comes thanks to the film's '90s setting, and Pace is excited to make another appearance in the MCU.

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Pace appeared on New York Live recently to promote his new Broadway show Angels in America, but the interview wasn't going to end without a bit of MCU talk. He was unsurprisingly tight-lipped about Ronan's role in Captain Marvel, but he is looking forward to bringing the character to life in a new way:

I know nothing. I don’t know anything. I wish I could tell you all the secrets, but I don’t know any secrets! I’m excited to be back.

Even though, in the MCU, Ronan is only known for his hatred of Xandar and the alliance formed between them and the Kree, Captain Marvel should put him in his natural habitat. With the movie largely revolving around the Kree-Skrull war, it would make sense for Ronan to be one of the leaders of the army at that point. Pace may not know any secrets at this point, but there's probably a good chance he gets to show more of Ronan's ruthlessness.

Since Brie Larson's Carol Danvers will be intervening in this war, it should give Pace and Larson a chance to interact. But, the more exciting dynamic could be between him and Ben Mendelsohn. It is rumored that he is playing Kree commander Yon-Rogg. If that is the case, Ronan will view him in one of two ways most likely. They could be rivals due to differing views of strategy and war, or the two more villainous members of the Kree empire could form a deadly alliance. While it may be some time before we learn for sure how Ronan factors in, his hatred of the Xandar-Kree treaty should be an indication he didn't want a similar outcome against the Skrulls twenty years prior.

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Source: New York Live

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