Captain Marvel: EVERY Easter Egg & Secret Reference

10. Captain Marvel's Suit Changing Colors

Of all the mysteries surrounding Carol's journey from Kree soldier to an Avenger in Endgame, none was more obvious than exactly how her green Kree uniform would be transformed into her signature red and blue suit. Not just what would inspire the change, but how it would actually change color, in a practical sense. In the film the colors are revealed to be adjustable with all color combinations apparently possible. Which means an opportunity to pay homage to even more of the hero's Marvel Comic history.

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The first color shift results in a suit of red, yellow, and black, the color scheme made famous by both the original Mar-Vell and Carol Danvers in her Ms. Marvel persona. The black and silver suit may call back to Jonathan Hickman' s S.H.I.E.L.D. variant. But it's the second-to-last combination of white and green that will be best for comic fans. That's the very first uniform worn by Mar-Vell upon his arrival to Earth, and remains a faithful color scheme for any Kree soldier in the comics universe.

9. The MCU's Universal Translators Confirmed

Captain Marvel Kree Yon-Rogg Ronan

Captain Marvel may not end up being too much of a prequel to Guardians of the Galaxy, but it does help to flesh out the cosmic side of the MCU. In one of the most unexpected and pleasant surprises for Guardians fans, Carol Danvers also makes one of the most often nitpicked elements of James Gunn’s series officially explained, in-canon. We’re referring, of course, to her “universal translator.”

When Carol first attempts to communicate with the security officer in charge of planet C-53’s district (a.k.a. the shopping center security guard parked outside of the Blockbuster Video), he’s initially too stunned to respond. Carol double checks that her “universal translator” is successfully translating her words into English, which it is. But that’s also the explanation that director James Gunn claimed explained human-alien dialogue in Guardians. In other words, not every character in Marvel's Universe actually speaks English, too. Now it’s official, even if it’s never stated in the Guardians films themselves.

8. The Accusers of The Kree Empire

With a name like Ronan the Accuser, you would have expected the title to have come into play when the villain was introduced in Guardians of the Galaxy. Yet Ronan’s official rank within the Kree Empire isn’t even referenced in his first MCU film, described as simply a renegade military figure having broken off from the rest of the Kree. Aside from one moment in which he claims that the people of Xandar “you stand accused” of treachery for which he must claim vengeance, it would be safe to assume that he is simply 'Ronan' in the MCU, plain and simple.

Captain Marvel helps to clear up the issue, while still making a change to the canon. When detailing Starforce’s mission onto the planet Torfa, Yon-Rogg states that the planet will first be carpet-bombed by "The Accusers." Eventually, it is revealed to be a name reserved for the heavy Kree warships and their commanders fond of bomb dropping. It’s still a big change from the police force of the comics, but it's nice to know Ronan once had more company. And just what the Kree consider an appropraite means of accusing their enemies...

7. The Heroes(?) of The Kree Starforce

With Carol Danvers first seen as a member of Yon-Rogg’s Starforce in trailers, it was hard to see how they would actually remain faithful to the comic book versions. After all, the Starforce was a group of Kree supervillains, artificially enhanced to be stronger and deadlier than the average member of their race. Eventually the movie versions live up to that nefarious legacy as well. But with some clever changes to their names and appearances.

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The Kree military uniforms are easy enough to establish a team mentality (more than their comics book costumes, at any rate). But the subtlest detail is the effort made to work their comic book-y names into the language and culture of Hala. Atlas becomes Att-Lass, Doctor Minerva becomes Minn-Erva, with Bron-Char, Korath, and Yon-Rogg rounding out the roster.

6. Maria 'Photon' Rambeau

There was some early confusion in the plot details surrounding Captain Marvel when it came to her closest friend and fellow test pilot, considering that's a character most comic fans would know as Monica Rambeau. But thanks to the time jump backwards, it seems Marvel Studios is hedging their bets. In the movie version, it's Maria Rambeau who is the colleague and peer of Carol Danvers prior to her Kree transformation. Her daughter Monica is still years away from becoming her own form of superhero. Her own version of Captain Marvel, as a matter of fact.

Whether or not future MCU movies (Endgame, perhaps?) deliver on the passage of time and have Carol meet the now-adult Monica, comic fans know her original fate. Monica Rambeau became Captain Marvel herself, before taking the identity of 'Photon' among others. That name is also included in the MCU canon as the official callsign used by her mother, Maria.

5. 'Lieutenant Trouble'

Monica Rambeau doesn't get to listen in on the alien antics being discussed between Carol, her mother, Fury, and the Skrulls, but the future Photon does get to make an impact. First, by helping Carol figure out a new color scheme for her Kree bodysuit. And second, by getting a nickname all her own... even if it wasn't actually hers in the comic books. But we suppose that one admiring 'Lieutenant Trouble' is just as well.

In the comics, the pet name was given by Carol to Katherine "Kit" Renner in her modern comics. Carol was a friend to both Kit and her mother Marina when not adventuring in outer space. Since Carol's days on Earth are destined to be numbered in the MCU, there won't be much opportunity to make a similar friend. But if a sequel sees a little girl profess to be Carol's biggest fan, then Kit is as good as canon, as far as we're concerned.

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