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True Lies

20. The True Lies Tribute

Viewers might think that the films chosen to populate the shelves of the Blockbuster Video were selected based purely on their release dates, and that is partly true (the store shelves are filled with period-appropriate VHS tapes). But it’s True Lies that gets a stand out moment, and the meaning of the tribute may be lost on younger fans. For the unfamiliar, True Lies is the film being advertised by the cardboard standee of Arnold Schwarzenegger which has its head vaporized, leaving his co-star Jamie Lee Curtis grinning all by herself.

Those who have seen True Lies know that it resonates for several reasons. The first movie to cost over $100 million to make, ushering in an age of blockbuster films Marvel now produces annually. It’s a tale of spycraft, deception, and double-crossing, just like Carol’s. It also happens to include one of the most iconic uses of a fighter jet ever committed to film. In fact, that fighter jet prop would eventually wind up being repainted for use in The Avengers (2012), cushioning the Hulk’s fall while battling Thor.

19. The Right Stuff Gets a Shout Out

Scott Glenn Ed Harris The right Stuff

With Carol’s career as a test pilot turned outer space traveler, it’s impossible to imagine a version of the movie that doesn’t pay tribute to The Right Stuff. A film now homaged in new films more than its seen by new audiences, it tells the story of the first American astronauts like Chuck Yeager, Alan Shepard, John Glenn, and the other Air Force test pilots whose willingness to push “higher, further, faster” helped put mankind into space.

The film may have been wiped from Carol’s mind along with the rest of her memories, but there’s no question she would have either seen it, or known the stories of these brave pilots herself. So when she picks up a copy of the film off a Blockbuster shelf and considers it, we would like to think that yet another piece of the woman she was is unlocked.

18. Writer Kelly Sue DeConnick's Cameo

Since it's Kelly Sue DeConnick's modern version of Carol Danvers that made the jump to the MCU, it only seems right that the writer should get to jump in on the fun. And believe it or not, audiences can spot DeConnick in the 1995 version of Los Angeles, but they'll need to keep a sharp eye out.

After Carol follows the passenger train all the way to its destination, she tries--but fails--to keep and eye on her target Skrull. Walking out into the crowds of passing commuters, it's clear that the Skrull could now be anybody... including Kelly Sue DeConnick, who brushes past Carol. DeConnick is actually the first person Carol sees once stepping off the train, easy to spot thanks to her hair and signature spectacles. She gives Carol a suspicious once-over, which Carol all too happily returns.

17. This Captain Marvel is a Skrull, Too (Sort Of)

As tempting as it may be to say that the Captain Marvel movie is adapting one modern version of Carol’s origin story, the truth is far more interesting. The film does follow the lead of Kelly Sue DeConnick’s modern relaunch of Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel, right down to her movie costume. But the movie also pays tribute to the Captain Marvel often overlooked, or dismissed as less ‘real’ than either Mar-Vell or Carol Danvers.

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We’re referring to the Skrull Khn’nr, who was revealed to be ‘in disguise’ as the original Mar-Vell as part of Marvel’s Secret Invasion storyline. His story required the Skrulls to actually be the deceitful, invading army that the Kree of the film claims them to be, but Khn’nr’s own decisions mirror Carol’s more than many fans may realize. Once Khn’nr realized that he had only been programmed to believe he was Mar-Vell, and a hero, he instead became one. Defying his Skrull superiors and choosing to protect Earth, embracing the new identity and memories he had been given, it’s easy to see how the MCU version takes the best aspects of his story, as well.

16. Carol's New 'Avenger' Callsign

While the reveal of Carol Danvers’ official Air Force callsign isn’t revealed until the movie’s final scene, it’s the moment fans are going to be talking about, so we should address it now. Yes, Carol Danvers had a callsign in the comics. And no, it sure wasn’t Carol ‘Avenger’ Danvers. In fact, the name she went by was about as far away from such a badass moniker as you can get.

As Carol explained on a date back in Ms. Marvel #11 (2007), her callsign is (or was) ‘Cheeseburger.’ She got that name the way that people would assume… once they consider the intense g-forces that pilots undergo in training. Apparently Carol decided to enjoy herself a hefty burger before one memorable training session, lost the contents of her stomach, and was forever graced with a name in honor of the disaster. But we guess The Cheeseburger Initiative has less of a ring to it.

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