Captain Marvel: EVERY Easter Egg & Secret Reference

Captain Marvel is filled with comic book Easter Eggs, secret connections to the Avengers films, and more. Find every reference here!

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel has finally arrived in the MCU, and as fans hoped, setting her origin story more than a decade before The Avengers first teamed up has resulted in too many Easter Eggs and secret MCU connections for fans to possibly catch in one viewing. Luckily, we're here to help.

There will be much to discuss once the credits roll, from the most shocking Captain Marvel spoilers, to the ways in which the post-credits scene sets up Avengers: Endgame. But to make sure that Marvel fans don't end up missing some of the coolest Easter Eggs, impossible to catch inside jokes, and comic book and pop culture references, we're breaking each and every one of them down. Whether it's Carol's tentacled cat, a tribute to the late Stan Lee, or the ways in which Captain Marvel is retconning the MCU's future, we've got them all in one place.

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Needless to say there will be SPOILERS for Captain Marvel (and every MCU movie that came before). Here is our complete breakdown of Captain Marvel: Every Easter Egg & Secret Reference.

24. Stan Lee Cameo(s)

As the first MCU film to be released following the passing of comic book icon Stan Lee, Captain Marvel goes to extra lengths for a dedication. That begins with the opening credits sequence, typically a (now longer than ever) montage of different movie and comic book artwork. But for Captain Marvel, it’s Stan Lee’s many iconic cameos that are given the spotlight, along with footage of Lee from outside of his on-screen appearances.

That said, a tradition is a tradition, which means he also makes a cameo in the movie itself--with yet another uncommon twist. Casual viewers will be able to spot Lee as a passenger on the train boarded by Carol in pursuit of her Skrull target. But film buffs will appreciate the script for Mallrats he’s reading aloud, rehearsing his lines. The Kevin Smith film made strong use of Lee playing himself, and with its release in 1995, the timeline of Captain Marvel matches up nicely.

23. The Supreme Intelligence (Sort Of)

The movie may not dive into the vast Kree Empire as much as some fans will hope, especially considering the surprisingly small roles played by both Korath and Ronan (prior to their appearances in the first Guardians of the Galaxy). But what’s there is largely faithful... with one exception. And believe us, the change in this case is for the better. A point made perfectly clear when audiences realize what the ‘Supreme Intelligence’ looks like in the comics.

Yon-Rogg begins the story by informing Carol--sorry, ‘Vers’ that "communing with the Supreme Intelligence" is a valuable part of every Kree soldier’s development. However, seeing the actual Intelligence itself is forbidden. Considering that in the comics, the fusion of the greatest minds the Kree ever produced takes the form of a massive, multi-eyed, misshapen head, few fans will take issue with this twist for the movie version.

22. Captain Marvel Gets Her Movie Mohawk

Captain Marvel logo mohawk

When the first lengthy trailers for Captain Marvel showed Carol Danvers in not only her Kree uniform and helmet, but with her hair forming a mohawk out the top of it, fans rejoiced. But for those who don't actually know the story or the comic book source material, the feature may seem a bit strange. It all started when writer Kelly Sue DeConnick decided that a new costume was just what Carol needed for her promotion to Captain Marvel in her new, 2012 comic series.

The idea of a helmet that forced Carol's hair up into a mohawk as it deployed was too intriguing a design to forget, and as DeConnick explained to Polygon, her request of a redesign by acclaimed artist Jamie McKelvie would have cost her... had Marvel editorial not been instantly sold on the look, which is largely adapted for the film, as well:

"I called Jamie and was like, ‘Alright, I want you to make a bet with me. I bet if you do a Carol Danvers redesign for Captain Marvel that Marvel will buy the design from you. And if I win this bet, then I get a redesign and you get paid. And if I lose this bet, I will pay for the redesign... My husband would have murdered me, because you don’t front money for billion dollar companies. I mean, I would have murdered me, that’s nonsense."

21. The Actual Last Blockbuster Video Store

Blockbuster in Captain Marvel

The days of Blockbuster Video may be dead and gone, but the value of nostalgia lives on – as evidenced by most crowd reactions to Carol crashing smack into a Blockbuster (back in 1995). And believe it or not, the scenes really were shot using the last Blockbuster Video store in America, located in Bend, Oregon. A title it now holds after the other Alaskan stores were forced to close up shop, landing it its place in MCU history.

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But there’s one extra detail to the store itself that fans shouldn’t miss, and it may stand out to some. Specifically, those viewers who find that the “Blockbuster Video” logo and sign affixed to the roof of the store seems… off. It may be forgotten now, but Blockbuster Video made the change to simply “Blockbuster” branding and signage in 1996, which lasted until the company’s last days. In the timeline of the film, that is still one year away. But it's the store shelves that hold the best Easter Eggs...

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