Starforce Explains Why Captain Marvel's Costume Is Green

Captain Marvel Green Suit Starforce

We finally know why Captain Marvel set photos showed Brie Larson wearing a green suit instead of her trademark red and blue. The color-swapped version of the outfit is actually the uniform of Starforce, the Kree military group that Captain Marvel is working with in her solo film.

The first set photos from Captain Marvel left audiences rather surprised. Instead of donning her traditional red, blue and gold costume, they showed the titular hero wearing a strange green, black and silver version. It was swiftly theorized that Carol Danvers would don this outfit as a homage to the original Captain Marvel, Mar-Vell (Jude Law). Another possibility was that Carol would be gifted the costume by the alien who inspired her.

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EW's exclusive first look at Captain Marvel has finally answered this tantalizing question. Their coverage revealed that Captain Marvel will ditch the typical superhero origin story, and introduce Captain Marvel as a member of the Kree's elite team, known as Starforce. One image revealed that the Starforce all wear Kree uniforms - very familiar ones.

Notice that Carol Danvers isn't the only member of the team to be wearing this outfit; the rest of the Starforce are as well. This seems like a deliberate homage to the original comics, where members of the Kree military often donned green-and-white armor when they went into battle. Marvel has significantly updated the design, blending it with the modern Captain Marvel costume. Samuel L. Jackson has teased that the uniform may also include a retractable helmet, but there's no indication of it in this image.

It's fascinating to see the Kree Starforce brought into the MCU. In the comics, the Starforce were an elite team of superhumans gathered by the Supreme Intelligence in order to wage war upon the Shi'ar, and during the Kree-Skrull War they became part of the Supreme Intelligence's power-grab as he attempted to regain control of the empire. Starforce members have traditionally been treated as villains in the comics, so the idea that they're initially allies of Captain Marvel in the MCU is a surprising one. With Earth essentially becoming a cosmic No-Man's-Land in the ancient war between the Kree and the Skrull, however, that alliance may not last long.

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That may explain why Carol Danvers ultimately changes her costume, ditching the greens and going for red. By the end of the film, it's possible she'll wish to separate herself from the rest of the Kree Starforce, while still wanting to pay her respects to mentors such as Mar-Vell.

The interesting question will be whether or not these suits themselves confer powers upon the people who wear them. In the comics, Mar-Vell's costume included the Nega-Bands, powerful gauntlets created to tap into the power of a mysterious "Quantum Realm." It's already been confirmed that the Quantum Realm will play an important part in Captain Marvel, so it wouldn't be a surprise if these outfits were as functional as they are decorative.

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