Captain Marvel Movie May Feature Carol Danvers' Cat Chewie

The Captain Marvel movie might get a special appearance by Carol Danvers' most faithful companion and cat, Chewie. It looks like the alien feline might turn up in at least a cameo when the movie releases in 2019.

In Marvel Comics, Carol Danvers acquired Chewie when she was still Ms. Marvel. After defeating an evil space wizard, she adopted the feline, which is a member of an alien race called Flerken. She took the cat back to Earth with her and named it Chewie, after Star Wars' Chewbacca. The cat appeared in many issues of the Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel comics, often in background scenes or just cuddling up to Carol like any ordinary Earth cat. At one point, after Carol becomes Captain Marvel, Rocket Raccoon tries to kill Chewie before it can lay eggs. Rocket failed, though, and Chewie ended up with 117 offspring. After Carol tried to leave Chewie and its babies at an intergalactic rescue center, though, Chewie later teleported itself back to Carol.

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Samuel L. Jackson posted a photo to Instagram of him holding up a hoodie made especially for the cast and crew of Captain Marvel. That hoodie features the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain Marvel logos intertwined, as well as an orange cat. This could hint at Chewie's appearance in the movie.

It is thought that Chewie's species, the Flerken, have a variety of powers beyond teleportation. In the comics, some believe that the felines can access pocket dimensions located inside their bodies where they can store things such as eggs, fangs and tentacles. They are also more intelligent than Earth cats and can understand conversation.

Fans won't know about Chewie's appearance in the film for sure until Captain Marvel lands in theaters in 2019 - or unless a piece of marketing confirms it prior to release. The wait for the film is the longest since Captain America: Civil War. The movie is a long time coming, though, particularly for Marvel fans ready to see a solo female superhero leading a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie. This is the first time that Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel will get a live-action treatment, so Marvel wants to make sure that it gets her depiction right.

Although Captain Marvel already features a great line-up of supporting cast with Carol, including Nick Fury and Agent Coulson, having Chewie show up is a nice nod to the comics, and one that fans would probably really appreciate. Chewie's back story might change, but a teleporting cat would add a fun dimension to the movie.

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Source: Samuel L. Jackson

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