Captain Marvel Theory: Why MCU Carol Danvers Seems So Overpowered

When Does Captain Marvel Become Binary?

It's been established that Captain Marvel isn't an origin story; the character will have her powers at the start of the film as a member of Starforce. However, this doesn't mean that Carol will have already reached her peak in terms of power when we meet her. Indeed, it's not clear from the trailer where in the movie the scene will take place, although story logic makes it more likely to happen in the finale, when Captain Marvel fights the movie's main villain.

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The transformation could come at a dramatic moment where Captain Marvel is on the verge of defeat at the hands of a much stronger opponent. If so, the scene could be similar to Thor's final showdown with Hela in Thor: Ragnarok. At the end of the movie, Thor unleashed the full power of the God of Thunder and managed to defeat Hela. Considering that was the end of an arc for a character who'd already earned their powers, it would be a fitting parallel. However, the plot of this particular movie is deeper than that...

Is Binary How Captain Marvel Loses Her Memories?

Receiving a major boost in power could have a tremendous impact on Carol, possibly explaining either her amnesia at the heart of the film or even explain why she's been absent from the present-day MCU thus far.

The Captain Marvel film could draw from the X-Men story that saw Carol become Binary for the first time. When Professor X gave Carol her memories back, it was discovered that he was unable to restore her emotional connections to the people and places in her memories. So when Carol became Binary and gained the ability to travel in space, she had nothing holding her back. If something similar were to happen to Carol in the movie, it would explain why she's no longer on Earth.

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Alternatively, the movie could explore a more recent storyline from the comics where Carol's extreme use of her Binary powers caused her to lose her memories due to an extra brain lobe, leading to her being manipulated by Kree villain Yon-Rogg. The movie is already taking liberally from the Kelly Sue DeConnick run from the early 2010s, so this key aspect would fit: Carol loses her memories using her Binary powers, making her true strength a potential weakness.

Is This Why The MCU Captain Marvel Is So Overpowered?

Captain Marvel has been repeatedly described by Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige as the strongest hero in the MCU with a power level that's "off the charts". According to Feige, Captain Marvel is the most powerful character to appear in the MCU, which is saying a lot considering that she exists in the same universe as powerhouses like Thor and the Hulk. In fact, Feige says that Captain Marvel will help change "the balance of power" in Avengers 4 as the heroes battle Thanos for the second time.

As exciting as that sounds, there definitely seems to be a notable difference in power levels between the MCU and comic book versions of Carol Danvers. In the comics, Carol is a force to be reckoned with but not so utterly trouncing of the Marvel Universe's juggernauts. This Binary power, something that in her debut film proves to be as problematic as it is useful, could be a good way of explaining that while avoid making her too extreme. We'll find out the truth in 2019 with Carol's first two MCU appearances in Captain Marvel and Avengers 4.

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