Captain Marvel Theory: Why MCU Carol Danvers Seems So Overpowered

Captain Marvel Binary Powers

The Captain Marvel trailer introduces Carol Danvers' Binary powers - perhaps explaining why she's the most powerful hero in the MCU. As eagle-eyed fans have noticed, the trailer includes the moment where Carol Danvers receives her Kree powers, but may also show off Carol's transformation into Binary, an identity used by the comic book version of the character in the 1980s and the early 1990s.

The teaser trailer Marvel's next film, Captain Marvel, shows Brie Larson in costume as the superpowered heroine and introduces viewers to younger versions of Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Agent Coulson (Clark Gregg). Most importantly, though, the trailer gives fans a close look at Captain Marvel as she demonstrates some of her abilities.

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The trailer drops plenty of hints on what the upcoming film has in store for Carol Danvers, with a scene at the end indicates that the character may gain a serious upgrade at some point in the film. This new power is rooted in the comics, and could be a key factor in what makes Captain Marvel strong enough to move planets.

Captain Marvel's Binary Powers Explained

In the comics, Carol Danvers left her career as a superhero behind her after her powers and memories were stolen by Rogue. Though her memories were restored by Professor X, her abilities remained lost. Carol remained a normal human being until she was experimented on by the alien species known as the Brood. The Brood's evolutionary ray unlocked Carol's true potential and gave her access to a new set of powers.

As "Binary", Carol was able to tap into the power of a white hole, allowing her to utilize all types of energy on the electromagnetic spectrum. She could move at the speed of light, breathe in space, and control gravity to a limited degree. Carol no longer had any need for her old powers, as her "Binary" abilities gifted her with superhuman strength that far exceeded what she could do in the past.

Carol has since lost these abilities. Later stories have shown that Carol still has them inside her, but they only emerge on rare occasions.

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Does Captain Marvel Become Binary in the Trailer?

Captain Marvel Binary Powers

At the end of the Captain Marvel trailer, Captain Marvel's body begins to radiate with energy and her eyes begin to glow; her change in appearance indicates a massive increase in power. The look has a lot in common with Carol's Binary form. In the comic books, Binary originally had red skin, glowing yellow eyes, and fiery hair. In later years, Carol's skin would remain the same during the transformation, and only her eyes and hair would go through any physical changes. With her hair glowing yellow, Brie Laron's look in this scene does seem to borrow heavily from her comic book transformation into Binary. If this is what we're seeing, then the MCU's Captain Marvel may be set to receive a sizable upgrade.

This idea is supported by another scene in the trailer where Carol is hooked up to a machine, which bears some resemblance to the machine the Brood used on her. While it's unlikely that the movie can adapt the Brood since their rights may belong to Fox, the story of Carol becoming Binary could unfold in a completely original way.

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