Angelina Jolie Still Being Sought to Direct 'Captain Marvel'

Angeline Jolie may not be in contention to direct 'Wonder Woman,' but is rumored to remain a frontrunner for 'Captain Marvel.'

Captain Marvel Secret Casting Rumor

Warner Bros. may have locked a new director in place for Wonder Woman, the first female-led property in their shared universe, but there is more than one major studio looking to find the right woman for the helm. As Marvel continues its search for a director of Captain Marvel, The clock is ticking.

It sounds like the studio may have its eyes set on a somewhat unlikely candidate: Angelina Jolie. After her growing directorial resume - capped off with Unbroken - proved she held as much promise behind the camera as in front of it, new rumors claim that the origin story of Carol Danvers, an everyday woman turned alien warrior, is now seeking Jolie to bring it to life.

The word comes courtesy of Collider, confirming the recent reports that Marvel was looking to add the writer/director to Captain Marvel as part of its Phase Three slate. At the time the rumor seemed a bit of a stretch, claiming that Marvel had already offered Jolie a $20 million payday if agreeing to direct. But Jolie is apparently still a contender (no stranger to either drama or action blockbusters), and with her next project, Africa, uncertain, her schedule could be opening up.

Angelina Jolie Director Unbroken Set Photo

Since Jolie's ability to tell a number of varied stories in Unbroken - "a sports drama; a survivalist story (on ocean water no less); a war drama crossed with a prison drama" - was one of the film's strongest elements (read our review), she has already proven capable of handling a story potentially set on both Earth and in space.

On the surface, Jolie seems a better fit for a period drama than a cosmic blockbuster - but then, few would have expected James Gunn or Joss Whedon to find blockbuster success to the degree they each have under Marvel's leadership. And while Marvel's creative constraints or popcorn entertainment mandate seem a poor fit for Jolie, it's possible either studio or director are eager to try something new.

If there is real fire to this smoke, and Jolie emerges as a certified frontrunner in the coming weeks, it should prove a strong sign of what to expect from Captain Marvel. A more human drama than her cosmic colleagues, perhaps? Although what that means for the Guardians writer penning the script is unclear.

Captain Marvel Movie Rumors

More sources and details will hopefully emerge in the coming weeks, considering Marvel is no doubt eager to attach a reliable (female) talent sooner rather than later. For now, let us know what you think of Jolie's name being thrown in the ring. Does she seem like the director needed to bring some heart to the fantastic tale of Captain Marvel? Is there another director you would prefer to see for the film?

Captain Marvel is slated for a release on November 2, 2018.

Source: Collider

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