The World Hates Captain Marvel Because of [SPOILER]

Captain Marvel has gone from beloved superhero, to the world's most hated hero. Finally, the TRUE cause of her problems has been revealed!

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Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel #10

Captain Marvel's world has been turned upside down as she plummeted from beloved protector to Marvel's most hated superhero--and now the villain behind it all has finally been revealed. When Minerva showed up on Earth offering Carol exactly what she needed, it seemed too good to be true. It turns out those instincts were right... because Minerva just revealed every detail of her evil plot.

Even after all that Minerva has put her through, Carol Danvers still brings her to Tony Stark when she finds the Kree soldier in desperate need of help (if anyone can save her life, it's Iron Man). But fans shouldn't be fooled: Captain Marvel isn't acting purely out of the goodness of her heart. All the previous clues to Captain Marvel losing her powers led to Minerva's lab, where she was found unconscious with the words "You're not as smart as you think you are" written in her own blood on the wall next to her. Needless to say, Carol wants answers.

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While Tony and Carol are trying to piece all the clues together, Minerva comes to ready to talk. The beginning of Captain Marvel's downfall was when the newspapers revealed her half-Kree heritage. Carol never expected that Minerva was behind it--or all the negative PR campaigns that followed--but Minerva readily admits that she was the mastermind of it all. And that's just the beginning.

Captain Marvel Comic Minerva Confession

As fans will expect, Minerva also confirms she's behind the new superhero, Star, who came out of nowhere. The krakens she let loose on Earth  had their blood filled with a Kree engineered virus designed to infect Carol when fighting them. Once inside her blood stream, the virus attached itself to her heart and started siphoning her powers, Wolverine-style. But her powers aren't just being dampened--they're being rerouted into another bod: Star's! The real kicker is that the closer the two women become to one another, the quicker Star takes Carol's powers. Which is going to make it difficult for Carol to take her down.

But when Minerva opens up about why she did what she did, it is hard not to feel for her -- at least a little bit. From her point of view she is working to protect a dying race (the Kree are quickly nearing extinction). Things are not great for the Kree, in fact, they have never been worse. Carol was one of the most beloved heroes in the universe, and she wouldn't even admit she was part Kree, let alone help them. If you were in Minerva's shoes, would you do anything in your power to have one of the best of your race on your side?

Captain Marvel Comic Spoiler Star

When Star discovered that Minerva was hoping to team up with Carol, she felt betrayed, and left Minerva--for Carol to find. Will Carol end up helping Minerva, and the Kree? Will she be able to take Star down before she siphons all of her powers? Find out as "Falling Star" continues in Captain Marvel #11, and find the full details and plot synopsis for the new issue below:

  • Captain Marvel #10
  • Written by: Kelly Thompson
  • Art by: Carmen Carnero
  • Cover by: Mark Brooks
  • FALL TO PIECES! It’s official: New hero STAR is in and CAPTAIN MARVEL is out! As Carol struggles to deal with her changing role and unravel the mystery of what is happening to her powers, a risky new alliance she’s forged may turn out to be even more dangerous than she expected. Will Carol be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save a world that has turned on her?

Captain Marvel #10 is available now at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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