Captain Marvel Goes From Most HATED Hero To... Most Loved?

Captain Marvel Art Book Cover

Warning: SPOILERS for Captain Marvel #11

Things with Captain Marvel have gone from good, to bad, to worse, to... great?! After the passing of her father it was revealed to Carol Danvers (and eventually to the world) that she was actually half Kree. At the same time the world turned against Captain Marvel, she was also struck by an attack much closer to home. But after taking on her new worst enemy Star in Captain Marvel #11, Carol and Ripley have begun their showdown in Times Square... proving Carol's worth to the world.

After discovering a robotic parasite was stealing her 'Captain Marvel' powers, Carol ripped it out of her own chest to stop Star from using them against her. The plot backfired when Star started taking energy from Earth's citizens, instead. So in order to protect the people, Carol shoves the device back inside of herself, willing to sacrifice her own life for the future of humanity. And as Carol lays on the ground in front of Star and the rest of the world... something happens that changes everything.

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A young girl steps in between Captain Marvel and Star in order to protect her--giving Carol the perfect reminder of why she does what she does. Whether humans love her or not, she's still willing to die for them, just as this little girl is willing to die for her. When Carol thanks her (but asks her to never do that again) the girl boldly tells Carol she WILL do that again. And again. As often as needed. Because she wants to be a hero, just like Carol.

Captain Marvel protected by little girl

Captain Marvel uses the last of her strength to hug Star, and rips the device out of her as she does so, stopping her ability to steal energy from anyone. Of course this entire battle was broadcast on live television, so the world got to see what Carol did for humans, and what that little girl did for her. They realize just how horrible they've been, particularly chanting to 'send Captain Marvel home' while throwing tomatoes. The public calls for Captain Marvel to be reinstated in the military, and her approval rating skyrockets. The world loves her again... just as they did before they found out she was part alien!

But if everyone can change their mind at the drop of a hat like that, the world could easily go back to hating Captain Marvel with a passion. And that is exactly what she is afraid of. Will she stay in everyone's good graces or will something else come along and drag her back down to the bottom? Considering the premise for the next issues has Captain Marvel killing an Avenger, things don't look so good for her. Find out what happens when it hit shelves on November 20th!

Captain Marvel #11 is available at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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