Captain Marvel is Becoming The World's Most Hated Hero

Captain Marvel 9 Comic Cover

Warning: Minor SPOILERS for Captain Marvel #8

Captain Marvel has been running a rough gauntlet in the world of Marvel Comics, discovering the truth of her origin story and her her mother's secret Kree lineage. But now things are going to get a whole lot worse... as Carol is about to become Marvel's most hated hero.

For fans who may have missed it, Carol Danvers learned about her true heritage, and her mother's own history as a Kree warrior back in the Life of Captain Marvel series, but now the whole world knows the truth, thanks to an article published by a reporter by the name of Ripley Ryan. Yes, the same Ripley Ryan whose interview with Captain Marvel for Ms. Magazine turned into a disaster, stranding them all in New York City, as prisoners of Nuclear Man. Captain Marvel and a team of warrior women ended up defeating the villain and taking down the barrier. But during that time, Ripley observed quite a lot. After thanking Carol for saving her, she admitted the basis for her story had changed. Now... fans know just how much.

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Marvel has released the cover art for Captain Marvel #8 which reveals the coming twist, with a newspaper featuring the suspect headlines: "'Kaptain' Marvel: Kin of the Kree" and "Public Enemy or People's Advocate?" This news is sure to turn Carol's world upside down, but will the public of Marvel's America take the news calmly? The synopsis for the issue suggests it will be less than well received...

Captain Marvel 8 Comic Cover

But she’s about to take on a brand-new threat – and a very old one! When her Kree heritage is exposed to the world in dramatic fashion, Carol goes from most beloved hero to public enemy number one overnight – and it’s pushing her to the darkest edge.

The Kree are not a well liked species on Earth (or anywhere in the universe really). They have put the world and its citizens through war and torment, so it's anyone will be happy to see any hero outed. When the public finds out that Captain Marvel is part Kree--and has kept it from them--it's no surprise she's going to become the most despised hero in the court of public opinion. This could very well be the end of Captain Marvel as she's been known so far, but if she's actually seen as a Kree traitor, will Carol even want to continue saving the world? What will happen if the time comes that they really need her? And lets face it, that is likely to happen. And will this effect her romance with War Machine?

Just when you think things cannot get any worse for her, the issue #9 tease explains that a new hero is taking her place. Carol has always loved being a hero, but will this put her over the edge? See how it all goes down when "Captain Marvel: Rising Star" begins in the pages of Captain Marvel this week!

Captain Marvel #8 will be available on July 17th, 2019 at your local comic shop, or direct from Marvel Comics.

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