Captain Marvel WILL Have Her Classic Mohawk (Sort Of)

The new trailer for Captain Marvel reveals that Carol Danvers will have her classic mohawk hairdo from the comics for part of the movie.

Captain Marvel Mohawk

The long-awaited first trailer for Captain Marvel reveals that the titular heroine will have her trademark mohawk for at least one moment in the film. This news will prove a welcome relief to fans of the modern Captain Marvel comics, where Carol Danvers abandoned the long, blonde hair she sported during her days as Ms. Marvel in favor of a more practical, militaristic cut that was short on the sides and long on top.

The question of Captain Marvel's costume design for the upcoming movie has been a major point of discussion for fans of the character. Carol Danvers has worn many different costumes in her time as a superhero and while her modern Captain Marvel suit has remained largely the same, there have still been a large number of variations. Chief among these are Carol's hairstyle and the question of whether or not she should wear a helmet.

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A brief scene from a montage of clips near the end of the Captain Marvel trailer reveals Carol's beloved hairdo. You can see the mohawk during the shot where she is shown alongside her fellow Starforce officers. As in the comics, the mohawk pokes out through the middle of the helmet, which is part of Carol's green Starforce uniform.

Captain Marvel mohawk revealed in Star Force costume

This revelation is bound to please some fans and annoy others; the question of Captain Marvel's hairdo was a major point of contention regarding the character's costume for the movie. While some fans prefer Carol Danvers sporting longer hair and a more feminine look, others felt her mohawk hairstyle was distinctive and gave Captain Marvel a unique appearance. It also served as a nod to the character's military background and the fact that she would probably favor a more practical, combat-ready hairstyle. Actress Brie Larson said that she heard from fans on both sides of the issue on Twitter, noting that "someone's going to be mad" with the final result.

Despite Larson's comments, it seems like some effort was made to make most of the fans happy based on what we see in the trailer, beyond even Carol sporting both her mohawk and longer hair at different points in the film. We know that Carol will wear both the traditional green Kree soldier uniform and her own red, yellow and blue take on the same suit from the comics. The trailer also confirms that Captain Marvel will wear the masked helmet that was also a part of her modern costume for a time.

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