Captain Marvel: Mckenna Grace Playing Young Carol Danvers

Actress Mckenna Grace is confirmed to be playing young Carol Danvers in the eagerly anticipated MCU origin film Captain Marvel.

Actress Mckenna Grace is confirmed to be playing young Carol Danvers in the eagerly anticipated MCU origin film Captain Marvel. Next year, the MCU gets its Wonder Woman when Oscar-winner Brie Larson debuts as Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel. In Marvel Comics lore, Danvers is an Air Force officer who obtains superpowers after her DNA becomes fused with that of her colleague Mar-Vell, a member of an alien race called the Kree.

The MCU's upcoming cinematic take on Danvers takes place in the 1990s and indeed includes the character's military background as part of the story. Set leaks have already given us our first look at Brie Larson in full costume as Captain Marvel. The film also stars Samuel L. Jackson as a young version of Nick Fury from before the eye injury that caused him to don his iconic patch.

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Now we've received confirmation on another role set to feature in the film. As reported by That Hashtag Show, previously announced cast member Mckenna Grace will play the young Carol Danvers. Initial speculation had Grace possibly playing Captain Marvel superfan Kit Renner, but instead she'll appear as Carol herself in flashbacks to the 1980s alongside Kenneth Mitchell as Danvers' father. Oscar-nominee Annette Bening also joined the cast as Danvers' mother according to previous reports.

In addition, Ana Ayora has reportedly joined Captain Marvel in an undisclosed role. Ayora previously appeared on the series Banshee, Chop Shop and Major Crimes and in the films Ride Along 2, Redeemed and The Big Wedding. Grace herself already has a lengthy resume that includes roles on the series Fuller House, Once Upon a Time and Designated Survivor. On the feature film side, Grace appeared as the young Tonya Harding in last year's Oscar nominee I, Tonya. She also played a child prodigy opposite Chris Evans (speaking of people with MCU ties) in 2017 Indie film Gifted. Her other upcoming roles include a TV movie version of the horror film The Bad Seed.

The new details on Grace's role in Captain Marvel seem to blow up speculation about Lashana Lynch appearing as Marina Renner (unless of course a different actress joins the cast as Kit to Lynch's Marina). We do know that Jude Law will appear as the Kree Mar-Vell, with Ben Mendelsohn as another Kree named Yon-Rogg. Clark Gregg (Agent Phil Coulson), Lee Pace (Ronan) and Djimon Hounsou (Korath) all return to play MCU roles they originated in prior films.

Given the inclusion of a young version of Carol Danvers, it seems Captain Marvel will be a very thorough origin story indeed. Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige already promised the film will be "unique" as an origin story, as it introduces one of the MCU's most powerful superheroes. And all that power will definitely be needed as Danvers presumably arrives to help save the day in Avengers 4 (after the events of Infinity War, the Avengers definitely need a lot of assistance).

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Source: That Hashtag Show

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