Lashana Lynch Interview: Captain Marvel

We interview Captain Marvel star Lashana Lynch about her character's relationship with Carol Danvers and the movie's '90s soundtrack.

Lashana Lynch has appeared on such television shows as Silent Witness, Bulletproof, and Still Star-Crossed. She will have a starring role on the upcoming FX show Y, based on the comic book series Y: The Last Man. In Captain Marvel, she plays Maria Rambeau, the best friend and wingmate of Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel.

Screen Rant: First of all, amazing, amazing performance. I thought this was such a brilliant movie because it does so many things different, and it goes in so many different directions, and it's super relevant. But one thing that sticks out is your performance and your chemistry with Brie’s character. It's a highlight to me. I love the relationship in that. So, talk to me about what makes that relationship so unique.

Lashana Lynch: It's real. It literally is just a real friendship. We didn't have to labor, or anything, or work really hard to create this perfect friendship on screen. We were just representing how women support each other. In every single generation, in every single area of this world, where two women connect and are able to just have each other's back, organically, like that. It just feels really normal. It's almost a bit bizarre talking about it, because I'm like, it's just a friendship. You know what mean? But we don't see it. And it's nice to represent love in a friendship rather than relying on the romantic love.

Screen Rant: Exactly, exactly. That's I think maybe because that's such a trope in a lot of those kinds of films. And this is like, “Oh yeah, we don't need that.”

Lashana Lynch: No, we don’t.

Screen Rant: Exactly. One cool thing too is, besides the friendship between Maria and Carol, there's also this sense of pulling Carol back to her humanity through your character. How did you relate to that? And how do you think that helps Carol going forward into the MCU?

Lashana Lynch: Ooh, well I think it's nice that when Carol was searching for truth, she goes back to Maria. You know what I mean?

So that means that she has almost like a home there, whether that be in the heart or literally in her space. And that she's coming back to someone that she cared about, almost like a daughter and Monica. And children do feel, for me anyway, they do feel quite homey. You feel like at any time I want to escape, anytime I want like the honest truth, I'll go back to where the children are at. Because they're just going to tell me how it is. So yeah, I feel like they just have a synchronicity that it's this beautiful and no matter how many years they'd been apart, they come back together. And it's like they just never separated in the first place.

Screen Rant: Speaking of Monica, I love Monica Rambeau. And obviously in the-- I don't want to say obviously, because some people don't know this, but in the comics she becomes a real hero in her own right. What are you hoping that future filmmakers can take from your performance and infuse it into the Monica character?

Lashana Lynch: Ooh… Her strength in every facet of the word. So, not her strength, in that she is always collected. Her strength in that she uses all of her experiences in life to become the person that she is. Maria is bringing Monica up literally to be the superhero bad ass woman that she is. And Monica already knows it. You can see with [Akira Akbar’s], her version of Monica, you can see that she just knows that she has something special in her heart and her soul. And she's ready to just take over. She's ready to use her voice. She's ready to use her inner power as a woman, and she's ready to represent… like, the whole world, I think she's just ready to just take over.

Screen Rant: There's also a great scene with her and a young Skrull which I thought was so beautiful. Another thing too, this movie takes place in the '90s, and one thing that I loved about the '90s was the music. What was one of your favorite songs in this? And is there a song from the '90s that you wish was in this movie that isn't?

Lashana Lynch: I did listen to quite a bit of '90s music when I was shooting. There's a Des’ree track in there, that I really, really enjoy, because I love Des’ree. So that was a nice surprise. What wasn't in it? I mean, there's too many to mention. I listen to a lot of like SWV, 702, Brandy, Monica, Jodeci, Drew Hill…you know what I mean?

Screen Rant: It’s like you and I listened to the same radio station in the '90s, back then.

Lashana Lynch: Basically. Probably. So they could have used any of those. But there's just so much. I mean, so many genres.

Brie Larson and Maria Rambeau as pilots walking in Captain Marvel

Screen Rant: All right. Let's pretend you're a casting director now, and Monica Rambeau, casting an older Monica Rambeau. Who would you choose?

Lashana Lynch: Oooh, aaah, hmmm, you know what? I don't know. There's a few people…I don't know. Maybe when she is cast, we'll talk again, and I'll tell you if I was right or not. And I'll tell you who I chose.

Screen Rant: Fair enough. Brilliant job. Thank you so much for your time.

Lashana Lynch: Thank you so much.

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